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Impact of wind turbines on the natural environment

Here’s an update from PECFN on the Ostrander Point ERT appeal

[Here is a media release from PECFN. Note: In paragraph 4, the reference to "approval of the application" means "approval of the application as being complete", a requirement prior to technical review of its contents.]

April 14, 2014
PECFN Files for leave to Appeal Divisional Court Ruling
For immediate Release
Picton: PECFN has filed their submission to the Court of Appeal asking for leave to appeal the Divisional Court reversal of the decision of the Environmental Review Tribunal. Last July the Tribunal revoked the approval of a Gilead Power wind turbine project at Ostrander Point Crown Land Block in the centre of the Prince Edward County South Shore Important Bird Area. There have been more than 20 appeals of Renewable Energy Approvals since the Green Energy Act came into effect in 2009. All but the PECFN appeal resulted in dismissals. In allowing PECFN’s appeal, the Tribunal rendered a landmark and precedent-setting decision.

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Stay granted to PECFN re Ostrander Point: no site destruction by Gilead prior to mid-October

[Read to the end of this article to check out the FUNdraisers planned by PECFN for the next six week period.]

GOOD NEWS! The Court of Appeal for Ontario has granted PECFN a stay that effectively prohibits Gilead Power from disturbing / damaging the Ostrander Point site prior to mid-October 2014.

At issue was Gilead’s plan to commence site preparation, and possibly road construction, during the month of April, which would have resulted in irreparable damage to the site.

This stay is effectively a “time out” while the Court considers PECFN’s application for leave to appeal the recent decision of the Divisional Court that restored the approved status of Gilead’s 9-turbine wind project.

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PEC resident pulls no punches in letter to MOE re Amherst Island 36-turbine wind project

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

[Name withheld]
Senior Project Evaluator
Ontario Ministry of the Environment
Environmental Approvals Branch

Dear [Name withheld],

Re: EBR 012-0774
Amherst Island Windlectric IWT project.

I am writing to tell you that I oppose the IWT project planned for Amherst Island. What I would like you to tell me is why I am having to write again for the third time to express that view. Your government has clearly not been listening. Not only are they wasting my tax dollars … they are wasting my time.

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PECFN gala fundraising dinner on April 12 to support its continuing Ostrander Point appeal

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

[The dinner is now SOLD OUT.  Thanks for your support.  Read on for an update on the ERT appeal.]

PECFN is hosting a gala dinner by highly-regarded chef Michael Hoy, plus art auction, on Saturday, April 12 at the Picton Curling Club.  Purpose: to raise funds for its continuing appeal of the Ostrander Point wind project approval.  Last year’s dinner by Michael Hoy was a sellout, so it’s advisable to reserve early.  For more information and to reserve online, click HERE, or phone Sandra at 613-393-5577.

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Ostrander Point ERT: Court allows the appeals of Gilead & MOE re Blanding’s turtle

Here is a brief synopsis of the 40-page decision by Ontario’s Divisional Court, in the Court’s own words as much as possible.  It has been prepared by a non-lawyer, and is focused on what may be the most significant aspects of the decision as regards possible future actions by residents’ groups.

Gilead / MOE appeals re Blanding’s turtle: allowed

The Divisional Court has allowed the appeal by Gilead and the MOE of the ERT’s decision to revoke the approval of the Ostrander Point wind project, based on its finding that the Tribunal committed six errors of law: Read the rest of this entry

Please vote in WCO’s poll re wind turbines vs wildlife

[Here are the final results. Question: Do you approve of Ontario's birds and animals being killed to make way for large wind power generation projects? Of 1335 respondents, 97% answered NO, and only 3% (35 people) answered YES.]

Here is a poll being conducted by Wind Concerns Ontario. You can access it by clicking on the link below.

From: WCO Blog Admin

Subject: Take the poll! Should wildlife be endangered for wind power?

Many people don’t know that the Ontario government believes so strongly that the “overall benefit” of wind power is such that it outweighs any danger to at-risk and even endangered species of wildlife in the province. What do you think?

Take our poll, HERE.

Citizens across the province ask: “Is Ontario still a democracy?”

[Here is an opinion piece from the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists.]

Citizens all across Ontario have been asking themselves this question.
Over the past decade, municipalities and planners have participated in provincial programs to preserve our important natural heritage. People have joined together to help by participating in planning for the Niagara Escarpment, Oak Ridges Moraine, and countless smaller areas. They have contributed funds to conservancy and land trust organizations to allow the purchase and protection of significant natural areas.

In spite of all this, the Ontario government’s Green Energy Act has allowed developers to plow roughshod over important natural habitat. The Prince Edward County Field Naturalists will be in Divisional Court from Jan 21-24 to defend an Environmental Review Tribunal decision they won last July to stop an industrial wind turbine development at Ostrander Point Crown Land Block. The Ministry of Environment and the developer, Gilead Power, are appealing the Tribunal ruling that halted the project. Ostrander Point is in the centre of an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area that supports millions of migrating birds, bats and Monarch butterflies and Species at Risk, reptiles, plants and birds as well as areas of globally imperilled Alvar landscape.

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Please help fight off the 37-turbine wind project on Amherst Island

[Here are messages from APPEC and APAI (Association to Protect Amherst Island) asking you to help fight off Windlectric's proposal for a 36-turbine wind project by submitting comments to the Ministry of the Environment.]

The new year has begun with some disheartening news:  Windlectric’s 36-turbine wind project on AmherstIsland has been deemed complete by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) and is now  posted on the Environmental Registry.  As seasoned APPEC members will recall this pushes the wind project forward to the technical review phase, the final phase of the REA approval process.

This posting should send a chill down our collective spines with respect to wpd’s White Pines Wind Project.  The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) continues to act with impunity, issuing approvals for wind projects in the worst places imaginable.

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