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Gilead Power’s Ostrander Point wind project in South Marysburgh

Here’s an update from PECFN on the Ostrander Point ERT appeal

[Here is a media release from PECFN. Note: In paragraph 4, the reference to "approval of the application" means "approval of the application as being complete", a requirement prior to technical review of its contents.]

April 14, 2014
PECFN Files for leave to Appeal Divisional Court Ruling
For immediate Release
Picton: PECFN has filed their submission to the Court of Appeal asking for leave to appeal the Divisional Court reversal of the decision of the Environmental Review Tribunal. Last July the Tribunal revoked the approval of a Gilead Power wind turbine project at Ostrander Point Crown Land Block in the centre of the Prince Edward County South Shore Important Bird Area. There have been more than 20 appeals of Renewable Energy Approvals since the Green Energy Act came into effect in 2009. All but the PECFN appeal resulted in dismissals. In allowing PECFN’s appeal, the Tribunal rendered a landmark and precedent-setting decision.

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Stay granted to PECFN re Ostrander Point: no site destruction by Gilead prior to mid-October

[Read to the end of this article to check out the FUNdraisers planned by PECFN for the next six week period.]

GOOD NEWS! The Court of Appeal for Ontario has granted PECFN a stay that effectively prohibits Gilead Power from disturbing / damaging the Ostrander Point site prior to mid-October 2014.

At issue was Gilead’s plan to commence site preparation, and possibly road construction, during the month of April, which would have resulted in irreparable damage to the site.

This stay is effectively a “time out” while the Court considers PECFN’s application for leave to appeal the recent decision of the Divisional Court that restored the approved status of Gilead’s 9-turbine wind project.

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PECFN gala fundraising dinner on April 12 to support its continuing Ostrander Point appeal

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

[The dinner is now SOLD OUT.  Thanks for your support.  Read on for an update on the ERT appeal.]

PECFN is hosting a gala dinner by highly-regarded chef Michael Hoy, plus art auction, on Saturday, April 12 at the Picton Curling Club.  Purpose: to raise funds for its continuing appeal of the Ostrander Point wind project approval.  Last year’s dinner by Michael Hoy was a sellout, so it’s advisable to reserve early.  For more information and to reserve online, click HERE, or phone Sandra at 613-393-5577.

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Ostrander Point ERT: Court allows the appeals of Gilead & MOE re Blanding’s turtle

Here is a brief synopsis of the 40-page decision by Ontario’s Divisional Court, in the Court’s own words as much as possible.  It has been prepared by a non-lawyer, and is focused on what may be the most significant aspects of the decision as regards possible future actions by residents’ groups.

Gilead / MOE appeals re Blanding’s turtle: allowed

The Divisional Court has allowed the appeal by Gilead and the MOE of the ERT’s decision to revoke the approval of the Ostrander Point wind project, based on its finding that the Tribunal committed six errors of law: Read the rest of this entry

Gilead, MOE and CanWEA are desperate to kill/harm/harass PECFN’s Ostrander Point win

Please don't kill/harm/harass me

Please don’t kill/harm/harass me

Rick Conroy, editor of The Times, had lots to say this past week about the bizarre situation of Prince Edward Field Naturalists’ having to fight the combined forces of Gilead Power Corporation, the Ministry of the Environment and now the Canadian Wind Energy Association, in order to protect its win on the Ostrander Point project.  To describe PECFN as the underdog would be one of the great understatements of the year.

Gilead and its buddies MOE and CanWEA are making a desperate attempt to salvage the Ostrander Point project via an appeal to the Divisional Court which:

  1. Argues that the ERT exceeded its jurisdiction in second-guessing MNR’s approval to kill/harm/harass Blanding’s turtle;
  2. Attempts to introduce new evidence (normally not allowed in an appeal) — namely, to install a series of lockable gates to reduce road mortality;
  3. Introduces Big Brother CanWEA as an intervenor to help run up PECFN’s legal bills even further.

Most contemptible of all, Gilead is asking the court to make PECFN pay its (Gilead’s) legal costs for the appeal.  Q: Have they no shame?  A: Of course they don’t.

You can read the full story here: and Rick’s editorial at .

County residents and nature lovers from near and far have generously supported PECFN, and so far $117,463 has been raised to cover legal costs for the ERT appeal.  The largest donation to date was from County government, which provided a grant of $20,000 following PECFN’s ERT win.  Way to go, Shire Hall!

But most amounts received — donations and purchases — are modest. Many donations at $100, quite a few at $200 or $250, some larger, some smaller.  PECFN’s latest fundraiser was the sale of custom-made winter floral arrangements at $15 to $50 each, which added about $2,000 to the legal fund.

This small group of intrepid fighters now needs tens of thousands dollars more to defend its win at the upcoming Divisional Court appeal, scheduled to be heard in Toronto on Jan 21-24, 2014.

We are nearing Christmas.  Will you consider adding PECFN to your gift list?  Are you able to donate a single amount of $52, equivalent to $1 per week for a year?  Or maybe even $104?  But any amount will be greatly appreciated.

You can send your Christmas gift to PECFN by clicking on the Donate to PECFN button on the right hand side of this page, or by mailing a cheque to Ostrander Point Appeal Fund, 59 King Street, Unit 2, Picton, ON  K0K 2T0.

Lets all do our bit to ensure that PECFN has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Purchase a beautiful winter arrangement and help out PECFN

Winter Arrangement _9-page-001

Here’s a great opportunity to add a festive decoration to your home, inside or out.  Prince Edward County Field Naturalists is offering attractive winter planter arrangements, all natural, in various sizes and prices.  Makes a great gift as well.  Click on the image to enlarge.

Proceeds will go to PECFN’s legal defence of its Ostrander Point ERT win.  Both Gilead/OPSEU and the Ministry of the Environment have appealed to Ontario’s Divisional Court, and PECFN expects that it will need another $50K of funding to protect its win.  The appeal will be heard on January 21-23, 2014 in Toronto.

Orders can be placed with Sheena Kennedy at 613-399-1461 or by email at .

Ostrander Point — please sign the petition

[As you know, the Ostrander Point decision has been appealed by both Gilead / OPSEU and the Ministry of the Environment, so there's a chance that the revocation will itself be revoked, resulting in the project's going ahead.

Here is a request from County resident and dedicated naturalist Cheryl Anderson to sign a petition addressed to Premier Wynne.  Please take a moment to add your name to those who want to save Ostrander Point.]

From: Cheryl Anderson
Subject: Avaaz petition


I have created a petition and I hope you can sign — it’s called: Save Ostrander Point In Prince Edward County.

We all know how important this issue is, and together we can do something about it!

Read more about it and sign it here: .

We have solid evidence that the County government is behind us – let’s move now to make sure the Premier knows how we feel about undemocratic actions by her government; the ERT decision must stand  – please take a second right now to help out by signing and passing it on.

Thanks so much,

Cheryl Anderson

PEC Council votes to donate $20,000 to PEC Field Naturalists

[Update:  Council ratified the $20K donation to PECFN, but not unanimously.  Councillors Forrester, Gale, MacDonald, Nowitski and Turpin opposed the motion.


Council did the right thing today (August 15) by voting to donate $20,000 to PEC Field Naturalists.  This grant will help to cover legal expenses incurred in the group’s successful ERT appeal of the Ostrander Point  wind project approval.

The vote (motion by Councillor Bev Campbell, seconded by Robert Quaiff), was near unanimous in favour.  It needs to be confirmed at the Council meeting on August 27.

Both MOE and Gilead / OPSEU have now counter-appealed, so PECFN will be burdened with even more legal costs to defend its win.

There were several reasons voiced by Councillors for supporting this grant:

  • Council had earlier passed a motion objecting to wind turbines in the South Shore Important Bird Area.
  • Some Councillors were annoyed that MOE has appealed the decision of another provincial government body.
  • Others were outraged that Gilead has asked to be awarded costs from PECFN if its counter-appeal is successful.
  • Although unstated, there was a sense that Council admires and appreciates the dedication of this small group of naturalists.

Including the County’s contribution, PECFN has raised a total of $105K towards its original target of $125K.  But due to the counter-appeal, PECFN will have to raise even more.

You can help PECFN reach its fundraising objective by making a donation yourself (or a second one!).  Send a cheque made out to Ostrander Point Appeal Fund to OPAF, 59 King St., Unit 2, Picton, K0K 2T0, or donate online at .


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