Nine peer-reviewed articles on industrial wind turbines and health

The Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society, a peer-reviewed scholarly journal, has published a Special Issue (August, 2011)  devoted to industrial wind turbines and health.  There are 9 articles, including one by County resident Dr. Robert McMurtry.

Based on this collection of peer-reviewed articles by eminently qualified authors, there can be no doubt that there is the potential of serious harm to human health from living in close proximity to industrial wind turbines.

You can read the abstracts for all nine articles at

The website of the journal is at

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  1. Why is it thaat the Government and the NMHRC ( I hope that is right) refuse to acknowledge evidence that wind farms can cause health problems. These articles show just what can happen as not everyone can be affected like an epidemic not everyone gets ill but a lot can fall ill? With these articles people should be very wary if wind farms are to be built too near to their residences. It has been proven that people as far away as 10 km can hear these industrial turbines (they are not windmills and are not green). Many people believe they save CO2 emissions which is a nonsense when you see the mateials used to build them, do not realise that when no wind or too much they have to keep the generators going but are turned off and hooked into the grid with this causing a lot more CO2 emissions than people realise. When their life is over you are left with tonnes and tonnes of concrete in the ground and not removed even if the turbines themselves are gone.

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