Weekly PEC wind turbine news — Mon, Aug 29, 2011

Here are current news items regarding the wind energy issue, prepared by CCSAGE and focused primarily on developments in Prince Edward County.

For an explanation of acronyms used, see http://wp.me/p1M8CZ-15.


Gilead Ostrander Point.  Yet another week has passed with no confirmation by MOE that the Gilead REA application is complete.

Point to Point PEC Foundation.  This group continues to run full page ads focusing on protection of the natural environment in the South Shore IBA.  Late last week, their vote on Ostrander Point was 660 to 40 in favour of no turbines at Ostrander Point.  See  www.pointtopointpec.ca.

The County Letters.  The fourth in a series of ads by CCSAGE on wind energy issues was published in the Gazette and the Times.  This one is addressed to Mr. Rob MacLean, President of Gilead Power Corporation.

WindyLeaks.  WindyLeaks released another internal provincial government document indicating that MOE equipment cannot measure sound levels when the wind speed is in excess of 4 m/s = 14.4 km/hr.  As the minimum cut-in speed for wind turbines is about 3.5 m/s = 12.6 km/hr, MOE equipment is useless for measurement of sound levels most of the time.

MOE turbine noise assessment.  On Aug 22, 2011 MOE released a technical document titled Compliance protocol for wind turbine noise.  It provides guidance for ministry staff to perform assessments in the event of a complaint regarding turbine noise.

Nine peer-reviewed articles.  The Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society, a peer-reviewed scholarly journal, has published a Special Issue on wind turbines and health (August, 2011).  There are nine articles by various experts, including the County’s Dr. Robert McMurtry.

Recent evidence re wind turbines and health.  Ontario residents and members of the Society for Wind Vigilance Carmen Krogh and Brett Horner have released a document that summarizes recent expert and peer-reviewed evidence regarding the adverse effects of wind turbines on human health.


The County Letters.  The fifth in the series of ads by CCSAGE on wind energy issues will be published in the Gazette and the Times this week.  This one is addressed to the Honourable Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario.

WindyLeaks.  On Monday morning, WindyLeaks released another internal Ontario government document obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

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