MNR allows damaging pre-construction activity at Ostrander Point prior to MOE decision on Gilead wind project

During the week of August 29, 2011 and continuing on the Labour Day long weekend, significant activity was reported at Ostrander Point, the proposed site of Gilead Power’s wind project.  Upon investigation, it was determined that a company called X-Tech Explosive Decontamination Inc. had established a work site there.

This company has been contracted by Defence Construction Canada, a Crown corporation, to survey for and remove any unexploded ordnance remaining from the site’s use for training  during World War II.  According to the contract, this activity is clearly in preparation for and support of construction activity for the wind energy facility.

We had been assured previously by both the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) and the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) that no work would be permitted on the site unless and until both the access road application and the Renewable Energy Application (REA) had been approved.  To date, there have been no such approvals.

MNR has issued a permit resulting in significant disturbance of the site by X-Tech, including the clearing of vegetation and the creation of parking areas , an administrative area, new roads and storage areas which are in addition to the locations where the proposed access road, turbines, transformer station and other parking lots are planned.

Neither Gilead’s draft construction plan nor MNR’s environmental assessment and categorization took into account these additional
disturbances.  The cumulative impacts to the Ostrander Point property continue to mount.

MNR and MOE are not following their own processes.   Both ministries are eroding further any remaining credibility they had regarding protection of the natural environment.

We believe that all disturbances on the site should be halted until a final decision has been made by MNR on the access road application and by MOE on the REA application.

We urge the community to call or write:

Orville Walsh, Chair
County Coalition for Safe and Appropriate Green Energy

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