Photos of UXO work underway at Ostrander Point

Here are photos of the Ostrander Point property taken on Sep 6 and 7, 2011 which show the impact of work relating to clearance of unexploded ordnance (UXO).  Click on each thumbnail for a larger photo then use the back arrow to return to the main article.

This work is being done to faciliate construction of the Gilead wind project, but in advance of any decision on project approval by Ontario’s MNR and MOE.  It is under the control Canada’s Department of National Defence with the acquiescence of Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources.

The first three photos are aerial shots taken by County photographer Steven Draper on September 6, 2011 from a helicopter chartered by the Treat Hull election campaign.  Note the extensive pattern of diagonal tracks cleared by a bush hogg.

The following three ground shots were taken on September 7 and show the bush hogg tracks close up.

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  1. Robert A. Ritzer

    I support your concerns with reguards to wind turbins at Long Point & the advanced constrution being carried out – why are they hidding this activity??

  2. On September 8 Margo and I were out to enjoy another walk along the shore of South Marysburgh Township. We do that for an hour or so about every second day. We chose an unnamed road near the Ostrander Point proposed turbine property. I ignored the small sign because the road was not blocked. The sign referred to the clearance of unexploded ordnance (UXO).

    It was about 5:30 PM, and about half way to the beach I met the Winnipeg UXO foreman’s truck which was followed by their second big equipment van. Neither of us had any room to allow the other’s vehicle to pass. To make a long story short I nearly got stuck in the mud, but finally turned and went back out.

    I talked about turbines and he was a real smoothie, said his work – quote – “[…] had nothing to do with wind turbines.” Is that doublethink or bull?

    If a few cars want to take a tour with Margo and I, we will try again. Let me know ASAP at .

  3. It is alarming to see that this is going on, and why isn’t this shown in our local papers, as it certainly is controversial enough to warrant informing the public.

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