Major face-off on energy policy among local provincial candidates — Tue, Sep 20, 2011

This meeting will be a four-way face-off among local provincial candidates on provincial energy policy, including the Green Energy Act, with emphasis on the power supply mix, local impacts, local control and costs to the consumer.

Invited and confirmed participants include Leona Dombrowsky (Liberal), Sherry Hayes (NDP), Treat Hull (Green) and Todd Smith (PC).  The format will include position statements by the candidates, questions from a panel of well-respected journalists and questions from the public.

The moderater will be Richard Johnston, owner of By Chadsey’s Cairns winery, former MPP, former President of Centennial College and current Chair of the Great Waterway Tourist Region.  Panelists will include Steve Campbell (County Magazine), Rick Conroy (Wellington Times) and Stevie Camerson, journalist and author of On the Take, who has strong County connections.

The meeting has been organized by an ad hoc citizens’ group committed to thoughtful and engaged political discussion and  includes people who collectively have voted for all four invited political parties.  It will take place on Tuesday, September 20, 2011 at Picton United Church, 12 Chapel Street, at 7 pm.

This will be your best chance to size up the candidates and their parties on what may be the most important election issue in rural Ontario.  Please make plans to attend this important event.

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  1. thank you all for putting your energies (pun intended) behind getting these wind turbines from happening here in the county ( i don’t want them anywhere / not just Ostrander’s point) — they belong in uninhabited areas and even there with lots of planning. i could go on+on with things you already know and are acting to change.
    i am unable to attend the gathering on Monday 20th …. but your coalition have my full support. i will write the appropriate ‘protest’ letters as was suggested – but my heart sinks when i think it will continue to fall on deaf ears!!
    … i am an ‘armchair activist’ – so will follow your blog and do what i can…. but thank you again for taking up this cause – it is on my behalf. Sincerely, Beverley Owens

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