Candidates’ debate on energy policy — Tue Sep 20, 7 pm, Picton United Church

Make sure to attend the candidates’ debate on provincial energy policy and the Green Energy Act on Tue, Sep 20, 7 pm at the Picton United Church.

The debate will cover a range of energy-related topics: power supply mix, environmental impacts, municipal control, economic impacts and costs to the consumer. The atmosphere will be electric, and sparks may fly!

Invited and confirmed candidates are current MPP Leona Dombrowsky (Liberal), Sherry Hayes (NDP), Treat Hull (Green) and Todd Smith (PC). There will be short position statements by the candidates, questions from a panel of well-respected journalists AND questions from the public.

Richard Johnston, former MPP and owner of By Chadsey’s Cairns winery will moderate. Panelists will include Steve Campbell (County  Magazine), Rick Conroy (Wellington Times) and Stevie Cameron, author of On the Take, who has strong County connections.

This event, organized by County residents who collectively have voted for all four of the invited political parties, will be your best chance to size up the candidates and their parties on the #1 election issue in rural Ontario.  Please attend, and bring a friend with you.

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