Weekly PEC wind turbine news — Mon, Sep 26, 2011

Current news items re the wind energy issue in Prince Edward County, prepared by CCSAGE. Included: More on Gilead .. Local candidates’ debate ..   CBC news poll on wind .. Toronto Star election poll.

LAST WEEK  (For a glossary of acronyms used, see http://wp.me/p1M8CZ-15)

Gilead Power’s REA application.  Another week with no indication that MOE has accepted as complete Gilead’s application for a 9-turbine project at Ostrander Point.  When deemed complete, the public will have 30 or 60 days to comment.

Gilead status report updated.  The comprehensive overview of Gilead Power’s Ostrander Point project has been updated on the CCSAGE website.  See http://wp.me/P1M8CZ-3n.

Local candidates’ debate on Sep 20.  Local candidates from the Liberal, PC, NDP, Green and People First Republic parties debated provincial energy policy and the Green Energy Act at a public meeting on Tue, Sep 20 at the Picton United Church attended by more than 200 people.  You can read a CCSAGE report on the event at http://wp.me/p1M8CZ-76.

WCO leader’s visit to PEC.  John Laforet, President of Wind Concerns Ontario, visited the riding late in the week in support of local PC candidate Todd Smith.

CBC News poll.  CBC News conducted a poll with the question being “Should there be stricter limits on wind turbines in rural areas?”  With more than 1500 votes recorded (limited to one per computer), the result is: Yes: 90.1%; No: 8.5%, I’m not sure: 1.4%.  Check out the poll on the CBC News website at http://www.cbc.ca/news/yourcommunity/2011/09/post-72.html.

Toronto Star riding-by-riding poll.  The Star conducted a massive poll of all Ontario ridings (40,000 responses) which shows the Liberals and PCs in a dead heat overall with 35% each, NDP 23% and Green 5%.  In Prince Edward-Hastings, the poll results are: PC 38%, Liberal 32%, NDP 22%, Green 6%.  Note: Individual riding results for each party have a large margin of error of +/- 5%.


Nothing scheduled at this point.

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