WPD / White Pines 30 turbines — CCSAGE public meeting in Milford on Sat, Oct 1

CCSAGE will hold a public open house at Milford Town Hall on Sat, Oct 1 from 9 am to 2 pm to provide information on WPD Canada’s proposed 30-turbine White Pines wind project in South Marysburgh and Athol wards.

This meeting is being held to prepare residents for WPD Canada’s first public meeting, required under the Green Energy Act, which is expected to take place this fall.

Representatives from several groups will provide information and answer questions on:

  • The locations and characteristics of the 30 turbines.  Hundreds of residents will be located within 2 km of multiple wind turbines.
  • Health aspects.  Dr. Bob McMurty, South Marysburgh resident and one of the top experts worldwide on this topic, will share his knowledge.
  • The natural environment.  Local naturalists will explain the implications of this project, which will have twice as many turbines as Gilead within/near the Important Bird Area.
  • Property values.  Local real estate agents will provide first-hand accounts of how potential buyers are reacting to the possibility of turbines in the area.

In addition to South Marysburgh and Athol residents, North Marysburgh residents may wish to attend, as there is a similar project being planned by WPD Canada for their ward.

Drop in anytime during the above hours.  Light refreshments will be served.

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