The future of South Marysburgh?

Turbine risk zone (TRZ) -- WPD / White Pines and Gilead / Ostrander Point wind projects



The majority of South Marysburgh residents may be exposed to wind turbine-related health risks

PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY, ON — October 7, 2011 —  If two proposed wind projects are approved, most homes in South Marysburgh ward and some in Athol ward will be situated within a 2-kmTurbine Risk Zone, with 20-40% of their residents expected to experience adverse health effects.

CCSAGE has released a map of South Marysburgh / Athol showing the cumulative 2-km Turbine Risk Zone (TRZ) resulting from two proposed wind projects: WPD Canada / White Pines (30 turbines) and Gilead Power / Ostrander Point (9 turbines).  The TRZ map is available at

The TRZ covers 95% of the area of South Marysburgh south of Walmsley Road / County Road 10 / County Road 17, excluding the northeast area beyond Jackson’s Falls and Collier’s Roads, and excluding Long Point east of Gravelly Bay Road.  It also extends into Athol ward 1.5 km west of Lighthall Road.

County resident Robert McMurtry, MD, a qualified expert witness on the effects of wind turbines on human health, stated: “It is probable that 20-40% of people within 2.0 km radii will have serious health issues including stress, psychological distress, difficulty initiating sleep and sleep disruption.  These effects are risk factors for chronic disease including cardiovascular disorders and cancer.”

Dr. McMurtry continued: “The estimates are based on the work of Eja Pedersen et al, Michael Nissenbaum et al as well as Daniel Shepherd et al. They have done their research on subjects in Europe (Sweden and Holland), Maine, USA and New Zealand respectively. The published Ontario experience is similar.”

Both wind projects are currently at the proposal stage.  While each has been awarded a 20-year power purchase agreement by Ontario Power Authority, neither has yet received a Renewable Energy Approval under the Green Energy Act.

The County Coalition for Safe and Appropriate Green Energy is comprised of citizens’ groups and business owners in Prince Edward County concerned about the adverse health, environmental and/or economic effects of wind turbines if inappropriately situated.

For futher information, contact:
Orville Wash, Chair


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  1. Beside the very real Health Concerns as documented by Dr. McMurtry, the plain fact is that until the problem of storing power generated from wind turbines is solved, they should only be allowed In offshore waters near industrial users. Otherwise, when the wind doesn’t blow, gas fired generators have to be built and used, thereby generating the carbon emissions that wind power is supposed to avoid.
    In offshore waters the impact on people, flora and fona will be mimimized and with industry close by the power can be efficiently used.

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