Weekly PEC wind turbine news — Mon, Oct 10, 2011

News items in this post .. Leona Dombrowsky defeated .. Rural voters rejected Liberals .. South Marysburgh’s Turbine Risk Zone.

LAST WEEK  (For a glossary of acronyms used, see http://wp.me/p1M8CZ-15)

Leona Dombrowsky defeated.  PEC voters may have denied the Liberals their majority if, as suspected, many County residents rejected Leona Dombrowsky’s bid for reelection due to her dismissal of concerns about large-scale, uncontrolled wind energy development in the County.

Rural voters rejected Liberals over wind turbines.  Rural voters in a number of other ridings where the wind turbine issue is important replaced Liberals with PCs.  See http://tinyurl.com/3wgh7yb.

The future of South Marysburgh?  CCSAGE released a map of South Marysburgh showing a Turbine Risk Zone (TRZ) that covers the majority of the ward.  Dr. Robert McMurtry referenced evidence suggesting that 20-40% of residents within the TRZ will suffer adverse health effects.  See http://wp.me/p1M8CZ-8y.


CCSAGE Steering Committee.  The SC will meet to consider its priorities in the light of the provincial election results.

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