Ontario government wants your input on Feed-In Tariffs review

[Contributed by Henri Garand, Chair, APPEC]

The new McGuinty government is inviting public comment as part of its review of FIT contracts and the related administration of renewable energy.  You can express your opinions by participating in a survey at: http://www.energy.gov.on.ca/en/fit-and-microfit-program/2-year-fit-review.

The survey takes about 20 minutes and includes some fairly technical questions on a range of renewable energies.  But there are at least three points for all of us to stress:

  • Subsidies must be reduced, just as they have been in Britain and Germany.
  • Projects must be assessed in terms of all the impacts, such as on the local economy and property
    values as well as on health and the natural environment.
  • The appeal process must be revised to favour citizens, with the burden of proof falling on the

As an alternative to completing the survey, or in addition, you can send narrative comments by email to 2yearFITrreview@ontario.ca.

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  1. Excellent points; I would also add that this “survey” is infuriating—every “question” is prefaced by government self-congratulatory propaganda. In answering, people should note that assumptions are not necessarily true, like the 50,000 “green” jobs.

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