Ministry of the Environment rips off Simon and Garfunkel

In a blatant ripoff of a Simon and Garfunkel song title, Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment has created a web page on wind turbines titled The Sound of Science.

The page includes a video purporting to demonstrate what “40 decibels” sounds like, and includes text that suggests that “40 decibels” is “protective of health”.

You can view and listen to the MOE video at .  Pretend that your 1 watt PC speaker at 0.5 m is a 350+ tonne turbine at 550 m.

Wind Concerns Ontario President Jane Wilson states that “this video is grossly misleading the public”.  Its lawyer Eric Gillespie has provided a 10-page legal opinion concluding that the video may constitute negligent misrepresentation and be actionable.  WCO is primarily concerned about MOE’s failure to provide information about adverse health effects of wind turbines at 40 dBA and even below, as experienced in real life (not simulated) situations.  See .

Check out the video again.  The host “Tom” (no last name given — how come?), an engineer with MOE, doesn’t look happy at being co-opted into this demonstration.  The video is reminiscent of those distributed by terrorists wherein a hostage makes a confession that everyone knows is false.  In this regard, Tom makes some strange hand gestures at 25 sec and again at 1 min 17 sec of the first clip.  Do you suppose that he’s trying to signal something to viewers?

You can register your displeasure with this video by sending an email of protest to Premier McGuinty at .  Here are some suggestions of text (also ripping off S & G) that may help Silence their Sounds:

  • Open with: “Hello, Dalton, my old friend / I’ve come to talk with you again.”
  • Make sure to include:  “Dalt, my friend, you do not know / Turbines like a cancer grow.”
  • You could add a warning: “The words of the voters are written on the small town walls / And community halls.”
  • And close with: “Hear my words that I might teach you / Take my arms that I might reach you.”

P.S.  No criticism of Tom the engineer  is intended.  He’s just following orders from the boss.

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