Gilead Power wind project moves to the next stage

Six months after submitting their REA application, MOE has concluded that Gilead’s application is complete and has posted it on the Envionmental Bill of Rights registry (see .  Comments from the public on the Gilead project will be accepted for 60 days until Jan 29, 2012.

Perhaps starting right away, MOE will review the technical content of the application and the comments as received from the public.  It’s possible that they will make a decision on this project by the end of February, 2012.

If you do not want this project to be approved as applied for, it is essential that you submit comments to MOE regarding Gilead’s REA application by the January 29, 2012 deadline.  See .

Other decisions need to be made by MOE and MNR as well, including:

  •  Appeals by members of the public to require an individual environmental assessment in respect of Gilead’s application to build  access roads on the site;
  • An application by Gilead under the Endangered Species Act to allow them to kill, harm and harass endangered species and damage and destroy habitat.

The comment periods for the two issues above have expired, but you can include references to them in your comments on the REA application.

Please make sure to submit comments by the deadline, and ask your spouse and friends to submit their own comments individually as well.

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