Weekly PEC wind turbine news — Mon, Dec 5, 2011

News about: Senator Runciman’s motion passed unanimously in the Senate .. Gilead’s Ostrander Point project moved forward by MOE .. MPP Smith’s Private Members Bill voted down in the Legislature.

LAST WEEK (For a glossary of acronyms used, see http://wp.me/p1M8CZ-15)

Senator Bob Runciman’s motion in the Senate.  On Mon, Nov 28, 2012 Senator Runciman introduced a motion in the Senate to request a moratorium on further wind energy development along Lake Ontario between the west side of PEC and the east side of Wolfe Island pending envioronmental studies on the impact on bird and bat migration.  The motion was passed unanimously by the Senate.

Gilead Power’s  Ostrander Point project moves ahead.  On Wed, Nov 30, MOE posted this project on its Environmental Bill of Rights registry, indicating that it considers Gilead’s REA application complete and requesting public input over a 60-day period ending on Sunday,Jan 29, 2012.  Gilead now plans on starting construction in October, 2012 and commercial operation in April, 2013.

MPP Todd Smith’s private member’s bill.  On Thu, Dec 1, 2011 Todd Smith introduced a Private Member’s Bill in the Ontario Legislature that would return control over wind turbines to municipalities.  It was supported by the PCs but voted down by the Liberals and NDP.


Report by Ontario’s Auditor General.  On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 the Auditor General will release its annual report, including a report on Ontario’s electricity sector.

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