Important literature review on wind turbines and health

Independent  (and uncompensated) researchers Barbara Frey and Peter Hadden have just published a 170-page literature review that makes a compelling case for considering wind turbines placed too near homes as both a major public health issue and a human rights issue.

Unlike other literature reviews on this topic, this study includes references to sufferers’ reports of adverse health effects.  Although it is focused on the U.K., it cites more than 300 references worldwide, including a number from Ontario.

Information referenced in the study indicates that low frequency sounds from wind turbines can be detected up to 10 km away.  For turbines that are more than 100 m tall to blade tip (i.e. all Ontario turbines), the researchers recommend a setback of 3 km.

While it will be very difficult for wind energy developers and the Ontario government to ignore or discredit this study, they will undoubtedly make the attempt.  So it will be up to the courts to evaluate its information, conclusions and recommendations.

The study, Wind turbines and proximity to homes: the impact of wind turbine noise on health is lengthy, but not too technical.  It is available at .

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