Plan to attend MPP Todd Smith’s Feb 2 town hall on Gilead’s Ostrander Point wind project

Here is a news release by MPP Todd Smith announcing a town hall meeting in Picton on Thu Feb 2, 6 pm to consult with the public on Gilead Power’s Ostrander Point project.

It is extremely important for those with views on this project to attend the meeting to attend the meeting.  Please invite your spouse, friends and neighbours to accompany you.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                   JANUARY 11, 2012 

( BELLEVILLE ) –  Prince Edward-Hastings MPP Todd Smith has decided to put the ‘public’ back in the public consultation process regarding the proposed wind factory on Prince Edward County’s south shore. Smith is hosting a town hall at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Picton on February 2nd at 6pm. Over the last week, Smith’s office has been working with different stakeholders in Prince Edward County including environmental groups and groups of concerned citizens to set up the event.

Projects like the one scheduled for the South Shore of Prince Edward County are often posted to the EBR at the Ministry of Environment for a 64 day public consultation period but many third party groups have criticized the process. Criticisms range from the lack of publicity surrounding the announcement of public consultation periods to a lack of serious consideration of concerns raised by members of the public during the process. Many have noted that construction on these projects has often gone on even while appeals are under consideration by the Ministry of Environment.

The Liberals have said that they’re interested in a more thorough public consultation process. However, the MPP for Prince Edward-Hastings seems to be doing all the leg work to ensure that process is done. Smith is even inviting the Ministry officials responsible for overseeing the project and his caucus colleague and Opposition Energy Critic, Vic Fedeli. Fedeli, the former mayor of North Bay , is considered one of the most well versed MPPs in the Legislature when it comes to the Green Energy Act and its effects. The MPP for Nipissing will be attending the event on February 2nd.

QUOTES by Todd Smith:

“If the Liberals were interested in more thorough public consultation, they’d have extended the comment period. But we were the ones who had to get that done for Prince Edward County . If they were serious about having more local input, they’d be in Picton setting up meetings like this. It’s difficult to tell how the Liberals intend to conduct a public consultation without consulting the public.”

“I’ve been dealing with a half dozen groups in Prince Edward County on this issue. I have petitions with hundreds of names on them in my office. I’m encouraging the Ministry officials to attend this town hall. If the Liberals decide to put these wind factories up, it won’t be because they didn’t hear the objections. It’ll be because they didn’t care about what those objections were.”

“Vic Fedeli has quickly become one of the most respected voices in the Legislature on this issue. As a former mayor of North Bay , he knows what it means to have local control taken away on issues like this. As our Energy Critic, he’s an intellectual force to be reckoned with on the careless policy that is the Green Energy Act.”

For Further Information, Please Contact:

Mitch Heimpel, Executive Assistant to Todd Smith, MPP Prince Edward-Hastings

(t): 613 962 1144 (t): 416 524 8682

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