CountyLive poll results: a resounding NO to wind turbines in PEC

Last week, CountyLive sponsored a poll on the wind turbine issue, the first by a non-partisan County organization.

The question: Wind turbines in Prince Edward County?  Here’s how the 1501 votes were distributed:

  • 76% (1136 votes) said NO — wind turbines should NOT be part of PEC.
  • 16% (247) said YES — wind turbines should BE part of PEC.
  • 8% (118) said MAYBE — with research on health, location and long term issues.

These results clearly show strong opposition to wind turbines in PEC.  And NO means no: very few respondents wanted more research before deciding.  Of the decided respondents (i.e. excluding MAYBEs), 82% voted NO.

Why NO?  Over many months, residents have expressed concerns about adverse effects of wind turbines and the Green Energy Act on human health, the natural environment, property values, the local economy, local planning control and natural justice.

The CountyLive poll was open for about a week; the sponsor is non-partisan; the question and choices were clear; responses were confidential; everyone with Internet access had the same opportunity to vote. In summary, the process was fair.

The CountyLive results are generally consistent with those of the recent OFA poll, which found that 70% of respondents support a moratorium on wind projects pending resolution of several major issues.

Now that the results are in, it’s time to move forward. County residents and County government need to find ways to ensure the continued wellbeing of families, birds, bats and endangered species and the preservation of our appeal to tourists, new businesses and potential home buyers.

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