Big rally / social event in Milford on Sat, May 26, 3 to 6 pm

CCSAGE announces “This is NOT a White Pine” Rally

CCSAGE invites you to a rally launching our “Naturally Green” and “Turbine-Free County” campaign.

The May 26th rally (next weekend) in Milford will be a social event with food and music.  It will showcase our opposition to plans to install 38 industrial wind turbines (IWTs) in South Marysburgh and Athol.  The rally is also a non-confrontational community gathering for everyone who loves the whole County just as it is—a healthy, safe, rural environment.

Now is not the time to be silent and invisible while Gilead Power awaits the Ministry of Environment’s approval to commence construction at Ostrander Point, and while wpd Canada (a subsidiary of wpd AG, Germany) prepares for a final open house before submitting its own approval application this fall.  County residents must show that we value the South Shore Important Bird Area as much as do Nature Canada, Ontario Nature, and the National Audubon Society.  We must show wpd that its “White Pines” project is an industrial violation of the County’s human and natural heritage.

The CCSAGE rally will provide the latest real information on how these two wind energy projects would harm the County that you know and love.  An IWT “is NOT a White Pine!”

Please help keep the pressure on Gilead, wpd, and the Ontario government.  You can drop by anytime to enjoy the entertainment, ask questions, meet your neighbours, and GET A SIGN FOR YOUR LAWN.

PLACE:                                        THE SHED, Milford Fairgrounds

DATE &TIME:                           Saturday, May 26, 3:00-6:00 PM

BBQ by Milford Bistro:         Hamburgers, Sausages and Beverages (for purchase)

LIVE MUSIC:                            Openhearts Society, Rocky Roberts & More

INFORMATION TABLES:    Health, Birds and Bats/Habitat, Proposed National Park, Property Values, Electricity Issues, Tourism, Wolfe Island, Economic Impact

To help CCSAGE plan for catering, please e-mail Duncan Fischer,, saying you will attend.   But even if it’s a last minute decision, you can count on a welcome.

Orville Walsh, Chair, County Coalition for Safe and Appropriate Green Energy

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  1. Make these Wind Scammers about as popular as a bad night of mosquitoes!…………pardon me for insulting the blood sucking mosquitoes!!!!

  2. The torch goes to Jim McCarter, Ontario’s Auditor General. His 2011 Auditor Report in essence says the Ontario Government did not accord DUE DILIGENCE in rushing forward
    with wind power. He acknowledges more objective research is needed as it relates
    to the potential health effects, sustainability and affordability of wind farming in this province.

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