What’s happening with Gilead / Ostrander Point?

[The following information has been provided by Marilyn Lauer, following her June 6 communication with MPP Todd Smith.]

Our MPP Todd Smith reports that, based on his conversation with the Ontario Minister of the Environment, we know that the consultation and evaluation stage for Gilead’s Ostrander Point project was completed as of May 31, 2012.  All of the information considered by Ministry staff is being compiled into a brief and a recommendation will be put forward for the Minister’s consideration.  It will then be up to the Minister to accept the recommendation or not.

It is MPP Smith’s belief that the Minister’s decision will be made mid to late June, possibly coming just before or even after the Legislature has adjourned for the summer, which would of course prevent any public debate

Apparently, both the Ministry and Gilead are anticipating an appeal to an Environmental Review Tribunal if the project is approved.  An appeal could delay Gilead’s getting “shovels in the ground” by another 4 to 6 months

The ERT process could extend into the fall sitting of the Legislature which would then hopefully attract media attention.

MPP Smith has promised to monitor further developments and keep the citizens of Prince Edward County informed.

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  1. Is Ministry staff compiling the brief for the Minister? Who is making recommendations for the Minister’s consideration?
    Do we have any impact on what is in the brief for the Minister to consider?

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