South Marysburgh July 14 referendum on wind turbines

The South Marysburgh Mirror is sponsoring a referendum for S.M. residents on the subject of wind turbines.  The question to be asked has not yet been announced, but will be straightforward and require only a Yes or No answer.

Voting will be limited to S.M. residents, permanent or seasonal, age 18 or better, and will take place at the Milford Town Hall on Saturday, July 14 from 9 am to 4 pm.

You can read more about the referendum in an article by publisher Steve Ferguson on the Mirror’s website.  And Steve Campbell has some thoughts to share on his blog at CountyLive.

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  1. Peter Brunner

    My house has been for sale for some time now and no one is looking at it due to the possibility of wind turbine 26 sitting 502 meters behind it! Also this is no place for turbines of any kind due to the high amount of birds that migrate here every spring, there are also several family’s of eagles that sore around here every day, what will happen to them? I think we all know the answer to that… death!!

  2. Hi neighbor,
    I imagine you would especially appreciate mike platts’ letter in both local papers this week, not mentioning he’s the host to #26, his hand hidden while pointing his finger, seemingly objective in his demonizing “antiwinds” as causing fear and deceiving,claiming to clarify while polarizing community with simplistic negative label.

    Reassuring verbatim quote excerpt:
    “if her house was 500 meters away from a large wind turbine she would not hear it because the noise of even a single tree would be louder than the ‘whoosh”.”

    Keep those trees watered and fertilized !

    “The real issues,green clean affordable energy, sustainability,productive land use,job creation,and economic diversity.”

    Does not anyone with brain, question the motives behind all ‘prowinding”?
    as either:
    1.”Pro”fit motive$
    2. resides > 2km from turbine
    3. uneducated about complex tech data, despite noise from #1’s

  3. Correction,platts’ is #25, according to latest wpd pdf, published in june.

  4. Why is the vote limited to South Marysbourg residents? Should not all the residents of our Island be allowed to vote against them? This things have a way of spreading! Someone might think that we islanders don;t care enough to stand united and against wind turbines. Do we want our island infested like Wolf Island in Kingston, and the farm land down by Essex County in southern Ontario? I vote no!.

  5. Peter Brunner

    Good neighbours don’t “saddle” their un-willing neighbours with Industrial Wind Turbines!

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