Important: South Marysburgh vote on wind turbines this Saturday, July 14

Do you want industrial wind turbines installed in South Marysburgh like the ones proposed by wpd Canada and Gilead Power for their projects near Milford and on the south shore?

This the question to be answered by Saturday’s plebiscite on wind energy development in South Marysburgh, organized by Steve Ferguson, editor and publisher of the South Marysburgh Mirror.

The vote is scheduled for Saturday, July 14 from 9 am to 5 pm at the Milford town hall, only for adults who own property or reside permanently or part-time in South Marysburgh.

Voting by proxy will be available for eligible voters who will be absent from the County on Saturday.  Email for a proxy form.

This may be the first time that any community in Ontario has had the opportunity to vote in a plebiscite restricted to those who will be directly impacted by wind energy development.

In order for the results to be taken seriously by provincial and municipal politicians and wind energy developers, a high turnout is important.  If you are eligible to vote, please make sure to do so, either in person or by proxy.

To give the poll maximum credibility, the Mirror has set the following rules:

ID required

In order to cast a ballot, you must present identification with your name and South Marysburgh residence and/or property address on it.  This may be a driver’s license (preferred), the name and address portion of a property tax bill or a Municipal Tax Assessment, or utility bill.


Residents and/or property owners 18 years of age and over of South Marysburgh ONLY who can show identification containing a South Marysburgh ward address.  One vote per person, not one vote per property in the case of multiple property ownership.

Proxy voting

If you are unable to vote in person on July 14, you may designate another person (a proxy) to vote on your behalf.

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  1. Peter Brunner

    In case some of you are wondering what the land owners are being payed by Gilead and WPD? It is $10,000 per turbine plus an undisclosed land lease amount, That is the price they get to sell out their neighbors, friends and family!

  2. Hi Peter,
    Your figures are incorrect.
    Why did the Marysburgh Mirror not publish my letter?

  3. Peter Brunner

    Well then why don’t you enlighten us with the CORRECT figures Mike, I’m only going by what my neighbor John R. told me.

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