South County families will be living in a WhiteTurbines wind factory

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[Pre-note to this article:  Health Canada’s plans for research into the health effects of wind turbines will have NO effect on the Gilead and WPD projects.  They will be stopped only through citizen activism directed at politicans and/or the courts.

If the WPD and Gilead wind projects (total 38 turbines) are approved, 323 families in South County — almost 800 people —  will be put at risk for adverse health effects due to low frequency noise and infrasound from wind turbines.  This is a major public health issue for the County.

With a 550-metre setback, only 6 = 2% of 329 families in South County will be outside the 2-km Turbine Risk Zone (TRZ) identified by the Society for Wind Vigilance.  If the required setback were to be increased from 550 metres to 2 km, all of the 329 families would be outside the TRZ.  But the Ontario government is stubbornly sticking to 550 metres.  This puts South County families at an unacceptable level of risk.

Primarily because of the health risk, but also due to loss of quiet enjoyment (noise, view, lights), it is expected that property values in South County will be significantly reduced — from 20% to 40% to unsaleable.  While these numbers are speculative, they are based on reports from several sources.  And there is no doubt that some properties in Ontario have become unsaleable (except to wind developers).

Locally, real estate agents and residents are reporting that there is almost zero interest in purchasing residential properties  in South Marysburgh, due to the uncertainty about wind turbines.

Here is an overview of the exposure of South County families to adverse health effects and reduced property values.  Health and financial risks increase with the number of turbines nearby, and with proximity to each turbine.  Health risks are greater for children and seniors.

Of the 329 South County families, 98% will be within 2 km of one or more wind turbines:

  • Group A: 6 familes = 2% will be outside the 2-km Turbine Risk Zone.
  • Group B : 19 families = 6% will be close to 1 turbine (within 2 km); potential property value loss  = 20%.
  • Group C: 244 families = 74% close to 2 to 4 turbines; potential loss = 30%.
  • Group D: 49 families = 15% close to 5 to 7 turbines; potential loss = 40%.
  • Group E: 11 families = 3% close to 8 to 12 turbines; potentially unsaleable.

To South Marysburgh and eastern Athol residents:

  • Wind developers and the Ontario government say that, with a 550-metre setback, there will be no significiant adverse health effects.  Suffferers worldwide and many medical researchers disagree.
  • Developers say that there will be no property value losses.  Real estate agents  disagree.

You (and we) are in favour of green energy.  But are you willing to risk your family’s health and financial security on the word of wind developers and the Ontario government, both having a vested interest in promoting wind energy development?  Your choice: save the world or protect your family. For information on what you can do, email

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  1. Gil Charlebois

    T’is time to grab your ” Government Pension” and ???new job & Run ~!!

  2. Peter Brunner

    Good neighbours don’t “saddle” their un-willing neighbours with Industrial Wind Turbines!

  3. The cited reduction in property values of 20% to 40% does appear to be realistic. I recently sold a property which is immediately adjacent to the proposed Gilead project for 67% of its MPAC assessed value. I have another parcel in the same vicinty which looks to be unsaleable.

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