Results of South Marysburgh plebiscite on wind turbines

South Marysburgh turned out in droves at Milford town hall on Saturday, July 14  to vote in a plebiscite on wind turbines, organized by the S.M. Mirror.  They delivered a clear message to be passed on  to Premier McGuinty: NO turbines wanted in South Marysburgh.

The question was straightfoward: Do you want industrial wind turbines installed in South Marysburgh like the ones proposed by wpd Canada and Gilead Power for their projects near Milford and on the south shore?

The results of 542 ballots cast: 489 = 90.2% said NO to wind turbines, while 51 = 9.4% said YES, with 2 spoiled ballots.

Based on 1117 eligible voters in the 2010 municipal election, the plebiscite turnout was 48.5%, as compared to the election turnout of 53.4%.  [Revised from original post.]

The plebiscite was restricted to residents (full- or part-time) and property owners of South Marysburgh, with proof of eligibility being required.  Voting was in person or by proxy.

This was the first opportunity for any community in Ontario to vote in a plebiscite on wind turbines, restricted to those who would be impacted directly by wind energy development.

The results constitute a strong message to wind developers, County Council and the McGuinty government: NO turbines wanted in South Marysburgh.

Thanks to Steve Ferguson, editor and publisher of the South Marysburgh Mirror, for this initiative.  See the Mirror’s web page with vote results here .

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  1. Carolyn Van Dijk

    Well done South Marysburgh!!

  2. This post has been revised to show a recalculated turnout percentage based on better information re the number of eligible voters.

  3. Robert Delyea

    Congratulations on the results of the plebisite pm St. Unfrotunatley Circumstances made it not possible to get our proxy in on time for the vote otherwise the vote would have been
    491. Sorry about that .
    Robert Delyea
    Alethea Delyea

    c,494 Ostrander Pointe Rd.
    South Marysburg

  4. Peter Brunner

    Good neighbours don’t “saddle” their un-willing neighbours with Industrial Wind Turbines!

  5. Is there any news as to the effectiveness of this with gov’t officials. Can this be used as part of the questionnaire/survey the municipality must fill in now for the REA process??

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