Statement by MPP Todd Smith on South Marysburgh plebiscite results

[News release from Todd Smith, MPP for Prince Edward – Hastings]


(PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY) – Residents of South Marysburgh finally had an opportunity to make their opinion known on the proposed Gilead and White Pines wind turbine developments planned for the South Shore of Prince Edward County. The referendum, which was hosted by the South Marysburgh Mirror, was open for all 868 residents of South Marysburgh to vote in. A staggering 90.2% of voters voted against the turbine projects planned for South Marysburgh. Voter turnout was 62.4%.

“This is how democracy is supposed to work,” Prince Edward-Hastings MPP Todd Smith stated. “The debate over wind turbines has torn at the social fabric of the County for most of the last decade. The citizens of South Marysburgh decided to hold a vote and settle an important question.”

The Green Energy Act, which stripped municipalities of most of their planning and zoning authority for these projects, has left local residents and municipal councils with little say in where wind turbines can be located. In an April 13th interview with the Belleville Intelligencer, Dalton McGuinty stated that communities without majority support for wind turbines would go to “the back of the line”. 

The Prince Edward-Hastings MPP intends to write McGuinty today to inform him of the referendum and question him on what he said to the Intelligencer. “What I want to know and what the people of Prince Edward County deserve to know is whether the Premier will direct the Minister of Environment to use the authority granted to him by the EBR process to deny approval for the projects in South Marysburgh as a result of the referendum. If he doesn’t then what he said to Intelligencer wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on.”

For Further Information, Please Contact: 

Mitch Heimpel, Executive Assistant to Todd Smith, MPP | (t): 416 352 2702 |

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  1. Hello Mitch,

    Thanks for making the news of the referendum available. Like many others I am unhappy about the damage this issue is causing to the social fabric of the County. How can one hostile to turbines be on good terms with a neighbour who has permitted an industrial wind turbine on his property. More important: I worry that as our democratic rights are trampled on by the provincial government, people will feel that they also have a right to act outside the law. I have concrete evidence of this possibility. While travelling on the Glenora ferry last week I began to talk with a fellow resident from the County. Surprisingly he said that he was prepared to go to jail in his fight against the turbines. This was a middle aged professional, somebody from whom I would not expect violent resistance. What action might the farming community who have lived here for generations be ready to take?


    Fred Chandler
    North Marysburgh Ward
    Prince Edward County.

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