Catch up on recent wind turbine developments

OK, you’ve been having fun in the sun and aren’t fully up to date on the wind turbine issue in the County.  No problem!  Here are links to the articles published on the CCSAGE site over the past month (most recent first).  Just click on the links that interest you.

  1. Rural residents find consultation on wind projects a sham.  A good article by Prof. Michael Trebilock published in the Financial Post.
  2. South Marysburgh families are suing wpd Canada and participating landowners.  Info on this lawsuit regarding anticipated losses in property values.
  3. Become an expert on the wind turbine issue in 8 minutes flat.  A short video summarizing most of the issues relating to wind energy development.
  4. Councillor Proctor’s letter on the GEA and wind turbines in South Marysburgh.  Letter to the Ministers of Energy and the Environment following the plebiscite.
  5. Ontario’s chief MOH is ordered to testify in court.  An Ontario family’s lawsuit to prove adverse health effects before a wind project is built.
  6. Dr. McMurtry’s concerns about Health Canada’s study.  Suggestions for improving the federal study into wind turbines and health.
  7. Statement by MPP Todd Smith on South Marysburgh plebiscite results.  Challenge to the Premier to deny approval of the two South Marysburgh wind projects.
  8. Results of South Marysburgh plebiscite on wind turbines.  A very strong rejection by South Marysburgh residents of wind turbine projects in their ward.
  9. South County families will be living in a WhiteTurbines wind factory.  Details on the proximity of South County homes to Gilead and wpd wind turbines.

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  1. Karen Empringham

    I like this! Typo in item 7 – Should be Todd Smith (not Todd Moth) Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2012 14:27:52 +0000 To:

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