Map of Ontario wind turbine locations

Wayne Gulden has created a very useful map of Ontario’s wind turbine projects and turbine locations, which he will update as more data is obtained.  It’s available here (but read the rest of this post first).

Instructions:  After clicking the above link, double-click on the top map to enlarge it and then click on a particular location to generate an expanded view in the bottom map.  Double-click on the bottom map to enlarge it.  When moving to another project, click first on the Refresh button in the browser to start over.  For further documentation and instructions, see here .

N.B.  The circles around the wind turbines are at the minimum setback distance of 550 m, not the consensus safe distance of 2 km.  Increasing the setback distance (radius) to 2 km expands the affected area to 13 times that for a distance of 550 m.

For a CCSAGE map showing the total 2-km Turbine Risk Zone of Gilead and wpd combined, see here .

We are greatly indebted to Wayne Gulden for creating the Ontario wind turbines map.   Wayne is a permanent resident of Ohio, but has a seasonal home on Amherst Island.  He maintains a very useful and interesting website on wind turbines, available here .

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