News release re South Marysburgh families’ lawsuit

Eric Gillespie, lawyer for 20+ Prince Edward County families, has issued a news release regarding the lawsuit against wpd Canada and 20+ participating landowners in respect of the White Pines wind project.

The plaintiffs seek money damages relating to reduced property values / inability to sell in respect of properties located within 2 km of a proposed turbine site.  In addition, the plaintiff’s seek punitive damages from the defendants and an injunction that would stop the project from moving forward.

The news release notes that 90% of residents voted NO in the South Marysburgh Mirror’s plebiscite and that two out of three area residents appear to support the lawsuit (Quinte News poll).

This lawsuit is similar to one launched earlier this year against wpd Canada and participating landowners in respect of the Fairview wind project in Simcoe County.  Others are expected.

A copy of the Gillespie news release is available here .

CCSAGE note:  The lawsuit has been initiated solely by property owners who have been or would be directly affected by the proposed project.  CCSAGE has not been involved in the launching of the lawsuit, nor would it have been appropriate for CCSAGE to be so involved.

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