Instructions for protesters at wpd open house on August 30

Wpd Canada’s open house is on Thursday, August 30.  We are asking anyone who is able to attend to please do so.  This will be our last opportunity before wpd files its REA application to let them and the MOE  know the extent of local opposition.

Join the motorcade through Picton.  Rendezvous in the Waring House parking lot at 4:30 p.m.

Bring a sign (homemade is fine) for the passenger’s side of your vehicle.  We’ll be driving in a procession through the streets of Picton to end up at wpd’s open house at PECI.

Or join the rally outside the open house at Prince Edward Collegiate Institute, 41 Barker Street, Picton, at 5:30 p.m.

Come dressed for the occasion if you can.  Wear a green shirt/t-shirt or buy a Naturally Green T-shirt at PECI.  Hang a sign around your neck with a bird or turtle photo, a wind turbine construction site or the IBA map.  Bring your own sign or buy a sign on site (but be aware that no placards on sticks are allowed inside).  Join in to make a loud and angry noise for the media’s attention.

Submit a written comment to be included in wpd’s REA application.

We ask you to submit a written comment, as short or as long as you like, at the wpd open house or separately, if you’re unable to attend.   Wpd must include all comments received in their REA application to the government.  If many people do this, Wpd will not be able afterwards to downplay the publics’ concerns about the project.

Sample letters that you can revise into your own words are available at .  Make sure to include your name and address with any comment / letter.

If you are unable to attend wpd’s open house there are a number of other ways to submit a comment: (1) pass your comment along to a friend who is going; (2) email your comment to and we will hand it over to wpd at the open house or (3) mail /   email your letter(s) to:  

Ian MacRae, President, wpd Canada, 2233 Argentia Road, Suite 102, Mississauga, ON L5N 2X7; 

with a copy to: Doris Dumais, Director, Approvals Program Environmental Assessment and Approvals Branch, Ministry of the Environment, Floor 12A, 2 St Clair Ave W. Toronto, ON, M4V 1L5; .

If you prefer to stay outside to express your protest there will be people there who are prepared to present your comments to wpd staff inside PECI.

Thanks for becoming part of the solution!

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  1. What a wast of time an energy! They are going to do whatever they want anyway, no matter how many people are opposed to the IWTs, Mcguinty will screw us all. Putting Neighbour against neighbour, friend against friend and it will never be the same again. This peaceful community will go to battle with no winners in sight.

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