County residents protest at wpd’s August 30 public meeting

IMMEDIATE RELEASE  August 30, 2012 revised 

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

We, the people of Prince Edward County, hereby declare this to be

a Naturally Green – Turbine Free Zone!

Picton, Ontario.  People from every corner of Prince Edward County heeded the call of the town crier on August 30 and showed their indignation over the proposed White Pines wind turbine project.

County Town Crier at wpd open house

Hundreds were there in solidarity with the residents of South Marysburgh, gathering in front of the public high school to demonstrate their strong opposition to a 29-turbine industrial installation that will forever change the face of the County.  In a recent plebiscite, 90% of eligible voters in South Marysburgh voted NO to wind turbine projects in their ward.

They protested at the final required public meeting held by wpd Canada, the multi-national developer for the proposed project in South Marysburgh.

The community action was coordinated by CCSAGE (County Coalition for Safe and Appropriate Green Energy), a citizens’ coalition representing five citizens’ groups and local business owners.  The citizens groups involved were: Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County (APPEC), South Shore Conservancy (SSC), Concerned Citizens of Prince Edward County (CCPEC) and Citizens for Responsible Energy through Wind (CREW).

Since the previous wpd open house, there has been a visceral rise in the level of anger and frustration with the toothless bureaucratic process imposed by the government’s Green Energy Act. 

Like other community groups in Ontario, CCSAGE says valid concerns are being ignored by the provincial government while the wind lobby denies the serious and irreparable harm to come.

A recent lawsuit launched by South Marysburgh residents to protect their property value rights is just one example of the fury at what they describe as a sham process.

Chris Hall, from North Marysburgh stated, “The province has decreed that developers have two ‘public’ meetings. They show up on two different dates, pretend to listen, and then check the box on their application form. It’s ridiculous to call it a public meeting.”

Henri Garand from north of Picton chose to directly engage the staff answering for wpd. He questioned their credentials for making them ‘experts’ in any field they were speaking on such as human health.

Jim McPherson, a retired professional engineer stated, “This rally isn’t about green energy. It’s about democracy. Municipal councils have been stripped of their rights to say NO to these developments. There are still questions about the health effects that the government is doing its best to shut down. And we have to speak up on behalf of the wildlife who also call the County home or who migrate through here twice each year.”

Contact: Karen Empringham (, 613-476-4060 


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  1. All those in the County that are telling Toronto residents to “go back home” should actually bow down on their hands and knees and thank the tourists for spending their hard earned money in the County to buy the goods and services that are available like no place else!
    But then I assume these hypocrites don’t need tourist dollars any more as they are sucking the Ontario tax payers dry through their subsidized “green energy sell-out”!
    “Hypocrite” is too gentle a word for these “Benedict Arnold’s”!

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