OMAFRA & ECO say one thing; MNR & MOE do another?

Jim McPherson’s letter highlighting the disconnect between advice from OMAFRA & the ECO re wind turbines in migratory routes, and the willingness of MNR & MOE to consider wind turbines in PEC, was published in the Toronto Star on October 7, 2012.

Here is the text of his letter, also available on the Star’s website at :

Re: Protect wildlife from wind turbines, Opinion, Oct 2

Gord Miller echoes the advice that the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs gives to farmers. On its website the ministry advises farmers to “Make sure turbines are sited away from migratory bird corridors.”

It is obvious that the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of the Environment do not respect the advice of either Ontario’s environmental commissioner or the agriculture ministry. MNR and MOE are both actively considering two large wind energy projects in an internationally recognized important bird area in Prince Edward County that is more heavily travelled by migratory birds than Point Pelee. One of these projects is on Crown land owned by MNR, where the developer has sought permission to “kill, harm and harass” endangered species.

Jim McPherson, Milford

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  1. Okay Jim McPherson of Milford, write me at to come and help you smash MNR & MOE. We will pressure them to resign, but you need to give us their evil photos, email addresses etc. I want lower rank employees to act as whistleblowers for any indiscretion. Anyone can call me (John) 613-4764505 or 416-481-5668
    We now KNOW the problem. Lets act.

    3 quotes chosen by JSG in caretaker mode, the sum of the 3 is greater than the parts:
    *- “Vision without action is a daydream”…Buddhist sayings –
    26 Jul 2011 – Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. As far as the …. Vision without action is a daydream. …. Contradiction in terms: civil war …

    *- “That to know and not to act is not to know.”…Wang Yang-Ming,

    *- ”Knowledge is useless without action”…Ward Churchill.
    ( First Nations activist Professor Ward Churchill (said on TV in Toronto ) “You need some 50-year-olds to get off their fat asses and stop reading books. Understanding minus the Action is masturbation in politics,” he says of the academics who theorize and pontifcate without acting”. He adds….”I’m inclined to anything that works” )

  2. In response to John Gilbert’s comment, we who are trying to protect our wildlife from wind factories welcome others to this worthy cause.
    But John’s wish to force the resignation of the Minister of Environment and the Minister of Natural Resources is not necessarily the best way to go.
    My letter to the Toronto Star was about birds, which have 2 legs, not 4. Human beings and Cabinet Ministers also have 2 legs, and we are all being adversely affected by wind factories.
    For a better solution to the Ontario wind factory problem see how Red Riding Hood deals with it, at .

  3. Idiot ??? – you better apologize to the readers so they don’t judge you.
    I borrowed the resignation line from the age old rhetoric of politicians. Variety of tactics can be used. Civil disobedience is a winner. Lets hear from more people – practical stuff – who will donate money or their time. Do you want to pass out anti-wind handbills? Do the readers want more meetings to mobilize more people. I wish I could come to meetings but I’ll be soon back in Toronto for 6 months. Jim’s nice childrens’ stories don’t hurt, but age is important because Alexander The Great was a conquering General at nineteen. – PEC students need someone’s help to get them started. They will inherit the turbine problems.

  4. My 11:27 pm reply was to Peter’s post which is now missing. Although he was rude, stuff coming straight from the limbic system often pokes people into jumping into the fray. I’m for delayed moderator moves, or no moderator at all.

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