Their gain, our loss

[Letter to the Editor, written by County resident Valerie Hussey and published in the Wellington Times on October 3, 2012.]

There is discomfort among some people, including members of counci, that a lawsuit has been launched agsinst lessors of land for industrial wind turbine development.  It has beeen described as a suit that it pitting neighbours against neighbours.

This seems like a disingenuous expression of concern.  If members of council or citizens of Prince Edward County are concerned about neighbours’ rights, and people getting along, why have they not expressed concern that those who are leasing land may be doing so at the expense of many?  We know the lessors will reap financial benefit.

We don’t know the scale of the impact that 45-storey turbines will have on the value of neighbouring properties, but to suggest there will be none is absurd.

Where is the public expression of concern, and sense of fairness, that the actions of approximately 30 lessors will contribute to financial loss through property devaluation, and hardship, for as many as 850 of their neighbours?  Wouldn’t it be more appropriate and honest to focus on that when considering what action is pitting neighbours against each other?

Who is going to compensate people for their loss, if it occurs?  The Government of Ontario?  Not likely.  WPD?  Not easily.  Perhaps the lawsuit is an attempt to redress this.

Valerie Hussey, South Marysburth

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  1. Well said

  2. Right on target. If someone does something that jeopardizes the quiet enjoyment and value of someone elses home for their own gain, without even discussing it with them, can they then cry foul if their neighbor responds this way in an effort to protect their property values?

  3. Hopefully now That Mcguinty quit as Premier, the turbines will die with him

    Also: agree with Ken, well said

  4. peter, i really hope this will happen. they want to put (2) 500ft turbines with a blade span of a jumbo jet. less then a fourth mile from me. my home will become worthless. just so sad.

    • Our house was up for sale for over a year, not only did it not sell but nobody came to look at it because of the threat of white ugly monster # 26 going up 553 meters behind my bedroom window! Sad indeed.

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