Really bad news: MOE approves Ostrander Point wind project

[Message sent to APPEC members today.  CCSAGE will comment at a later date.]

It was a long time coming, but this afternoon the Ministry of Environment posted on the EBR a Renewable Energy Approval for Gilead Power’s Ostrander Point wind project: .

Both the decision and the timing of its release are reprehensible in light of the majority of public comment.   The MOE received over 1500 submissions, most of them critical of the project.  To dismiss these informed expressions of community concern shows the MOE’s despicable bias in favour of wind development.

Moreover, despite the upcoming holidays, the notice does not even extend the 15-day period for filing an appeal.

But Gilead’s wind turbines are not up yet.  Nor is opposition over!  The APPEC board is meeting this evening to discuss the options for further resistance.


Henri Garand

Chair, APPEC

Posted on December 20, 2012, in Advocacy / politics / legal, Natural environment, Ostrander Point, Wind turbines. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Thank you for following up on this bad news. Maureen Kapral Toronto and PEC

  2. Anna Feldman Gronau

    I’m not in Ontario at this time of year but I am a County landowner. Please tell me what I can do to help stop this.

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