The provincial government and the wind industry killed this bald eagle nest

dsc03328 (NextEra kills eagle's nest)

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During the summer, the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) was informed by wind energy developer NextEra Energy that (horrors!) a bald eagle nest was situated high atop a tree blocking an access road, and near one of the 56 turbines of its Summerhaven  wind project in Haldimand County.

Try as it might, MNR was able to confirm this fact only in the fall,  after all the leaves had fallen off the tree. (Really!)

Recently, NextEra (rechristened “NexTerror or “NextError” by some) spotted a pair of bald eagles scoping out the nest, and became concerned  that they would take up residence in said nest.

Worried that this annoying pair of interlopers would interfere with their plan to provide expensive, unneeded power when the wind is blowing hard enough but not too hard, NextEra appealed to MNR for help.

Obliging as always, MNR issued a permit to allow NextEra to remove the bald eagle nest (one of only 57 such nests in the province) and to cut down the tree (reportedly a 200-year old Cottonwood) that was standing in the way of progress.

Mindful of the sensibilities of naturalists, MNR decided that it would be better if they  didn’t know about the plan.  They issued the permit on Monday, Dec. 31, but didn’t post a notice to the public until Friday, Jan. 4 at 5:oo p.m., and then required  removal of the nest on that very weekend — no later.  By the start of business hours on Monday, Jan. 7, it would be a fait accompli.

Right on cue, NextEra showed up on Saturday morning, Jan. 5, removed the nest at 10:30 and then cut down the tree.  Problem solved; let’s move on.  Or so they think.

When considering this latest action by MNR, the word “craven” comes to mind (not to be confused with “raven”).  It means “contemptibly lacking in courage; cowardly.”

So now we know for sure, if we didn’t before.  MNR and MOE will stoop to anything to get their [expletive deleted] wind turbines built.

Click on the following link which provides the whole sordid story and a response form for you to let MNR know what you think:

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