Catching up: Reaction to Ostrander Point wind project approval

Need to catch up on news regarding wind turbines?  Here are three recent CCSAGE posts on the decision to approve Gilead’s Ostrander Point wind project, plus one on the killing of a bald eagle nest in Haldimand County.

1. News release by PECFN, regarding its appeal of the Ostrander Point approval on grounds of serious and irreversible harm to the natural environment.  This is the first major appeal regarding the natural environment.  If PECFN’s appeal fails, no place in Ontario where the wind blows will be safe for birds, bats and endangered species.  See

2. News release by APPEC, on its appeal of the same project on grounds of serious harm to human health, which also anticipates approval of wpd White Pines.  Several appeals on health have been started and terminated, either for lack of funding or because of unrealistic demands for information.  If APPEC’s appeal is not successful, there will be no further recourse for people whose health is affected.  See 

 3. If you haven’t seen CCSAGE’s news release issued shortly after MOE’s announcement of approval of Ostrander point, you can read it at .

4. We comment on the appalling decision of MNR to allow removal of a bald eagle nest (one of only 57 active nests in the province) situated within NextEra’s Summerhaven wind project in Haldimand County. See .

Re #1 and #2 above, the two County groups have retained Eric Gillespie, Ontario’s foremost expert in fighting the provisions of the Green Energy Act, as their lawyer for their appeals. Both will need major financial help from citizens of Prince Edward County and beyond to fund the appeal.  This is crunch time:  Please donate to one or both appeals.

Note: If you would like to receive CCSAGE blog posts immediately when posted, go to our website at and input your email address where it says “Receive new posts by email”.

Finally, you can read more about the Ostrander Point approval at .

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  1. What good is money if you haven’t good health and Nature is impacted…..some to
    extinction. Surely, there is no proof that wind turbines increase anything good except a
    little money for the greedy who don’t care about consequences to man and environment.

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