PECFN appeals Ostrander Point: harm to the natural environment

[Following is a news release from Prince Edward County Field Naturalists.]

PDF version: Jan 7 2013 pecfn Media Release

For immediate release
Contact: Cheryl Anderson

Prince Edward County Field Naturalists challenge Ostrander Point wind turbine permit

Picton, January 7, 2013Myrna Wood, vice-president of the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists (PECFN) announced that the club has filed an appeal of the government of Ontario’s approval of the Ostrander Point industrial wind installation. The Ministry of Natural Resources issued the permit on the Thursday before Christmas and no additional time was allowed for the holiday in the 15-day appeal period. This is the first appeal of a wind turbine permit on environmental grounds. “To challenge the permit successfully, we must prove serious and irreversible harm,” Wood said. “The industrial construction will destroy rare alvar habitat, could kill endangered Blanding’s turtles and disturb the nesting grounds of endangered Eastern whip-poor-wills. Wind turbines at Ostrander Point also violate 11 federal guidelines on siting turbines, as well as the Ontario government’s own te chnical guidelines on preserving migratory stopover habitat.”

PECFN has launched a campaign to fund the appeal, anticipating broad support from Prince Edward County residents and people all over Ontario. Local residents and people as far away as the Midwestern American states helped fund the Hasting and Prince Edward Land Trust’s purchase of the adjacent Millerproperty, primarily to keep that land from wind turbine development. The Ostrander Point Crown Land Block is right next to the Miller Property so the same reasons for protection apply. It is prime habitat for alvar plants and insects; it is a resting and feeding area for migrating birds; and home of endangered species. In addition, like the Miller property, Ostrander Point includes provincially significant wetland areas and alvar habitat which is globally imperilled. For these reasons we are confident of success in our appeal,said Wood.

PECFN past President, Cheryl Anderson, is leading the funding drive with a committee from PECFN and coalition groups.  Anderson asserted “Our coalition of local, provincial, national and international groups will support us with the appeal, gathering and pre senting data and publicizing our funding drive.” “We know we can count on Prince Edward County for support. Even before we launched our fund-raising campaign, donations were flowing in. We have already reached about 10% of our goal.”  To donate to the cause cheques should be made payable to the Ostrander Point Appeal Fund and mailed to Ostrander Point Appeal Fund, 59 King St. unit 2, Picton K0K 2T0.


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  1. Very glad to see you doing this. You have my full support. We have whippoorwills on our property as well as thousands of migrating birds every year. They need protection from the man-made shrinking of their habitat and Long Point and environs represent a unique area that must be preserved.

  2. Here’s my comment more or less as published in today’s Whig – well done!

    or perhaps here if that doesn’t work

  3. Pieter de Boer

    Re: Demolishing of cottages at Point Traverse (Kingston Whig Standard & Picton Gazette)
    It is ironic that Environment Canada’s decision to demolish these cottages supports their mandate as well as the National National Wildlife Area’s mandate to conserve and protect wildlife and their habitat and to reduce any health and safety risk to the public while the provincial government is trying to achieve exactly the opposite with the wind turbines in the same general area.

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