To Gilead Power: I won’t be part of the Ostrander Point travesty

[Following is an email to Michael J. Lord of Gilead Power Corporation, regarding their attempt to establish a community liaision committee for the recently approved Ostrander Point wind project, located on Crown Land in Prince Edward County’s South Shore Important Bird Area.]

Date: 2013-02-27
From: Gary Mooney
Subject: Invitation to join the Ostrander Point CLC

Good morning, Mike.  I have received Gilead Power’s invitation to apply to join the Ostrander Point Community Liaison Committee, required as a condition of approval of your wind project by the Ministry of the Environment.

While I meet most of the selection criteria, I won’t be applying.  Some reasons:

  1. With meetings scheduled for only 1 to 2 hours’ duration, at six month intervals, and for only two years, I don’t see this committee as having much opportunity to resolve neighbour and community issues.
  2. It will be easy / convenient for Gilead to divert people with serious concerns / complaints to the committee, and thereby avoid dealing with them directly and on a timely basis.
  3. Individual members of the committee will have little chance of ensuring that significant neighbour / community issues are resolved.
  4. I don’t think that it is appropriate for individual members to be responsible for communicating back to the community; this is Gilead’s responsibility.

But most importantly, I cannot associate myself in any way with a wind project that is located in the middle of an Important Bird Area, on a major bird and bat migration route and that will “kill, harm and harass” species at risk and “damage and destroy” their habitat.

Gary Mooney

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  1. Good for you, Gary. This entire process is a sham, and why should any of us help them to strike off another item on their “to do list.” I guess we all believed that Ontario was still a democracy when this thing started. But it’s obvious that it isn’t, and a change of leader isn’t going to make a difference. I hope that others who are asked to be on the community liaison committee will take as strong a stand as you have. How did the second day of the Preliminary Hearings go? Same government lawyer? She has no credibility now in the County. Alison

  2. Sad but well done Gary. I am afraid that my feelings for the new Ontario premier are similar to those of Alison Walker (comment above) for the government lawyer. When the government acts outside the law what compulsion exists for the population to follow the law.
    Long live Syria.

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