Ostrander Point — they’re getting nervous!

The ERT will sit for three days (Mon, Tue and Wed) this week in Demorestville, starting at 09:30 each day. We hope that you can come out to show continuing support for our side — it’s really helping (see below).

Thursday will be a teleconference day in Toronto, starting at 09:00, and you can listen in. Dial 1-866-633-1033 and enter conference ID 1 8 4 6 9 1 4 # .

People attending the sessions have reported that the lawyers for the other side appear nervous and ill at ease. Not surprising, considering the facts that they have to work with, and the fallout that they’ll have to endure when they lose.

They’ve been trying to stretch things out, hoping that our side will run out of money and/or time to present all the evidence, especially the personal stories of sufferers who are ready to testify in the health phase of the Appeal.

But WE know that we can count on County residents, nature lovers everywhere and other wind opposition groups throughout Ontario to provide the financial support that we need to get all of the evidence presented to the Tribunal.

If you haven’t yet donated to the Appellants legal funds, please consider doing so:
* PECFN (natural environment concerns) — see http://www.saveostranderpoint.org
* APPEC (human health concerns) — see http://www.appec.ca

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  1. Here’s hoping the wind industry get their just rewards. Here down under we are waiting eagerly for the result.

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