Town Hall event: Fighting wind turbine threats in PEC — Thu, Apr 25, 6 pm

In response to many requests, CCSAGE has organized a public Town Hall event for Thursday, April 25, starting at 6:00 pm at the Regent Theatre in Picton.

This will be the best opportunity yet for you to get up to date on:

  • Wind turbine threats in the County, with emphasis on Ostrander Point and White Pines.
  • What several County groups are doing to fight off these threats.

There will be presentations by an all-star cast, with Steve Campbell — author, humourist and secessionist — as Master of Ceremonies.

  • Eric Gillespie, legal counsel for PECFN and APPEC, will update us about the prospects for success of the Ostrander Point appeal.
  • Cheryl Anderson from PECFN will talk about the natural environment phase of the Ostrander Point Appeal.
  • Dr. Robert McMurtry, lead medical expert for APPEC, will comment on the human health phase of the Gilead Appeal.
  • Garth Manning, lawyer and Chair of CCSAGE, will provide some information about effects on residential property values.
  • Carlyn Moulton, owner of Oeno Gallery, will address the threats to tourism and our local economy from large-scale wind energy development.
  • Gary Mooney from CCSAGE will provide an overview of all of the wind projects announced for locations throughout the County.
  • Alan Whiteley, lawyer, will describe a possible class action relating to damages caused by wind turbine construction.

Following the presentations, there will be ample opportunity for you to ask questions of the speakers.  Then there will be an intermission and afterwards, for those who haven’t seen it already, a showing of the documentary Wind Rush, originally aired in February on the CBC’s Doc Zone program.

We hope that you’ll consider this a “must attend” event, and we look forward to greeting you.

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  1. We plan to attend.. Betty & Don.

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  2. Wish I could be there but I live too far away will be in spirit cheering you on to stop the useless destruction of rural areas.

  3. You must prevent this at all costs! Fight on my brothers!

  4. Looking forward to the day. It is a long drive from Wellandport, in Niagara Region, but I feel it will be well worth it! See everyone tomorrow! Shellie

  5. Dear Karen I am so grateful that you have brought the whole wind turbine threat to my attention and you deserve a standing ovation just like Eric Gillespie. What a fantastically talented, accomplished and educated bunch of expert contributors to the Regent affair and previous engagements and tribunals. I think if everyone in the county was exposed to these events and discussions they too would be against the turbines and get an education at the same time!

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