It’s official: Prince Edward County is NOT a willing host for wind turbines

Not a willing hostOn little more than six hours’ notice, CCSAGE supporters filled the public gallery at Shire Hall in support of Councillor Quaiff’s initiative to have PEC declared NOT a willing host to wind turbines.

When I arrived at 6:10 for the 7:00 meeting, the gallery was almost full, and I had to wedge myself in the back left corner.  When Councillor Quaiff entered the Council Chamber, well in advance of the start time, he was greeted with a sustained round of applause.

As more people arrived, they were directed to an adjacent meeting room, hall and even down the stairs.  In total, about 100 of our supporters came out, while few pro-wind supporters were seen.

CCSAGE had decided against making deputations, but Steve Campbell got up and made an impassioned plea for taking a stand against wind turbines in the County, receiving several rounds of applause.  Someone from the other side also spoke, but not effectively.

Robert Quaiff introduced three agenda items on wind turbines, the first two relating to support for the Wainfleet initiative (many municipalities have banded together).  All three motions passed easily.

The third was the most important —  .. “that the Ministry of the Environment be now advised that the County of Prince Edward is not a “willing host” for IWT’s..”.  When this motion passed by a vote of 11 to 5, there was another sustained round of applause – in fact, Council got a standing ovation.

Those voting against the motion were Councillors Jamie Forrester (Athol), Kevin Gale (Sophiasburgh), Keith MacDonald (Hallowell), Brian Marisett (Picton) and Barb Proctor (South Marysburgh!)

Thanks so much to those who came out on very short notice.  We demonstrated that CCSAGE is a force in the County.

Gary Mooney, for CCSAGE

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  1. Vivian MacLean

    Such good news – unhappy to here that my Councillor Keith MacDonald voted against the motion.

  2. Make sure you remember who voted against it, and get rid of their sorry butts, at the next opportunity. They have shown their true colours!!!

  3. Congratulations; this is a spur to the rest of us under threat of huge machines killing birds and bats over our heads, and ruining our lives while our “neighbourly” neighbours make off like bandits; having also destroyed the community spirit we used to enjoy; split camps now.

  4. The Coalition of Residents-Tiny (CORT) applauds your tenacity you guys are bulldogs with a mission! – Al

  5. GoodCountyFolk

    Unfortunately Jamie Forrester doesn’t understand that many Athol residents (more than 9!) are not for huge commercial wind turbines – which have bankrupted Spain and makes no financial sense. “Not a willing host” is an intelligent strategy to getting our rural voice heard. Good going Council.

  6. silvina and Paul

    Very pleased and congratulations to all you and your team. This controversy has impacted on our lives since we have a property in South Bay.
    Silvina and Paul

  7. So glad to see that intelligence has prevailed in this mess. Can you stop the FIT contracts though?

  8. You may have all seen this before….but it’s worth another watch! Reminds us why it’s so important to fight this. Any wind-infested country’s name can be inserted instead of USA.

  9. The CBC is a fraud….they support the corruption of the Liberal gov’t.

  10. Fundraising in defense of Mother’s Against Wind Turbines. Esther Wrightman deserves our support!!!

  11. e: Tue, Jul 30, 2013 at 9:13 PM Subject: [New post] Champagne Communist Official Video from Helix (featuring Wynne!) To:

    In case you haven’t seen it!!!! ** windaction posted: “”

  12. Don’t know who has received this, so here it is again!

  13. I think they heard the MOE incorrectly. The Liberals are not going to invest in more Nuclear as we in Ontario already have a great surplus of energy. They (the Liberals are going to spend to upgrade existing plant) but no NEW stuff. They plan to continue to spend billions on Wind. On the news at 6pm Thursday Oct 17/13

    They are a sinking ship and are going to spend a lot more before the next election and Audra H is no better as she is propping them up. Makes me sick. I guess we get what we vote for.

    Bryan T.


  14. Important message about developing sound standards.

  15. I am sharing broadly, and posting!

    On Thu, Dec 12, 2013 at 8:49 AM, Shellie Correia wrote:

    > Important message about developing sound standards. > > > ———- Forwarded message ———- > From: Steven N Luann Therrien >

  16. Catherine just forwarded this! Exciting!

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