APPEC objects to wpd / White Pines open house re 29-km transmission line

[Here is a copy of a letter to MOE and a news release explaining APPEC’s objection to the wpd / White Pines open house held on April 29, 2013.]

Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County

April 30, 2013

Ms. Doris Dumais, Director
Environmental Approvals Access & Service Integration
Ministry of Environment

Subject: wpd Canada’s Non-compliance with REA Process

The Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County objects to the Open House staged by wpd Canada on April 29in Picton, Ontario.

Due to numerous deficiencies, the Open House does not qualify as genuine public consultation on wpd’s White Pines project.  The news release below identifies the range of information the public did not receive.  Consequently, it is impossible to comment with credibility on the proposed construction.  The facts are not available for review and criticism.

Please require wpd to hold a new Open House once it has completed the studies needed for a full assessment of the project.


Henri Garand
Chair, APPEC

APPEC News Release on wpd April 29 Open House

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  1. The wind company open houses are designed to withhold as much information as possible, while appearing to abide by regulations surrounding, “public consultation”. They send you to one “rep” after another, none of whom have any real answers that make any sense at all. They refuse to answer questions in a style which would allow everyone to hear the answers simultaneously. The reason for that is, the answers are designed to assuage whatever fears you may have, with whatever lies they think will work best to satisfy you…(make you go away), and no two answers are ever the same. As Woody Allen says….Its a farce, and a mockery of a sham. LOL One lies, and the other swears to it. It is up to us to expose the truth!

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