Ostrander Point ERT health appeal begins on May 8 and 9 — please attend

[Here is an announcement by Henri Garand, Chair, APPEC.]

The long-awaited human health phase of the ERT appeal begins on Wednesday, May 8, in the Sophiasburgh town hall, 2771 County Road 5, Demorestville.

Here’s how the process should unfold:

  • Opening statements at the Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) will start late morning after a cross-examination of the last Gilead Power witness on the natural environment. Then the ERT panel will hear the testimony of several County residents who live near Ostrander Point and who expect to suffer adverse health effects from nine wind turbines due to their existing medical conditions.
  • On Thursday, May 9, three Ontario wind victims will testify on their experience of being forced to live in or near currently-operating wind projects.
  • More victims, perhaps as many as 17, will be testifying in the weeks ahead.
  • Expert witnesses who are medical doctors and acousticians will confirm and explain the victims’ testimony.  The lead medical expert, County resident Dr. Robert McMurtry, is scheduled for three days of testimony and cross-examination in Toronto.
  • Besides cross-examining APPEC’s witnesses, Gilead Power will present its own experts to deny the causal relationship between victims’ symptoms and turbine emissions.
  • The hearings will take place in Demorestville and in Toronto over four weeks, though not every day.
  • The ERT hearings will conclude on or shortly after June 6 with closing statements for both the natural environment and health phases of the appeal.
  • The deadline for the ERT decision is July 3.

APPEC’s news release announcing the start of the appeal can be read here.

APPEC lawyer Eric Gillespie has asked for a show of public support at the ERT on Wednesday and Thursday.  It takes a lot of courage for witnesses to testify, and they deserve everyone’s appreciation.  There would no health appeal without these presumptive and real victims.

Please show your thanks by helping to fill the town hall on days the ERT is held in Demorestville.

[From CCSAGE:  APPEC needs many thousands of dollars more to fund its appeal through to completion.  If you are able, please make a donation to the APPEC Legal Fund, P.O. Box 173, Milford, ON  K0K 2P0 or online at www.appec.ca .]

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  1. Pamela Fraser

    I will make all attempts to attend. And will forward email to those I know and encourage their support as well. Some of my Friends live directly in the affected areas and we all will feel the effects.

    I spent a nite on Wolfe Island with my Mother, Oct 2010 when we sold our family cottage in Tamworth after my fathers passing from a brain tumour in 2009. And the place “felt dead”. Granted it was just past tourist season on a grey October day but even the animals who were grazing and resting under the turbines seemed to be in a trance like zombies.

    I spent 17years as a liabilty adjuster and investigator working all kinds of “injuries” and investigating “damages” including responding on the CAT team after hurricanes and earthquakes. I have also worked in a hospital and had the very sad experience of watching people I love and those loved by others wither and perish from possibly preventable causes.

    Let’s fight this “cancer” with all our worth. For all we are worth. Take Care.
    Pamela Fraser.

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