ERT continues — PECFN continues fund raising; Celebrates award

[Here is a media release from PECFN, the Appellant regarding the natural environment in the Ostrander Point ERT appeal.]

Media release

ERT continues — PECFN continues fund raising; Celebrates award

For immediate release
Contact: Cheryl Anderson, 613-471-1096

May 14, 2013

After two months of hearings on the environmental effects of wind turbines construction at Ostrander Point, the emphasis now is shifting to effects on human health. “It is amazing to me”, says PECFN president Myrna Wood, “how many people have stayed with us through these past two months”. Day after day people would turn out to sit in the uncomfortable chairs at Demorestville Town Hall. Some of the legal wrangling was almost unintelligible to the layman, but the testimony of our expert witnesses was riveting. Expert after expert testified about potential damage to the sensitive alvar and wetlands, the danger to migrating birds, bats, butterflies and endangered species. Deficiencies in the proponent’s environmental impact statements were highlighted and MNR officials were exposed as poorly qualified for the requirements of their positions.

The final summing up of the PECFN case will be heard on June 7. Until that time the small local group will concentrate on raising funds. “We are so grateful to the people of Prince Edward County who have supported us to the tune of more than $50,000” Woods commented. “Unfortunately, our legal bills are over twice that amount and so we need to find other people as committed to saving Ostrander Point as we are.”

In other news this week, PECFN is honored to be notified as recipients of the W.E. Saunders Natural History Award from Ontario Nature. In the past the awards have never been announced in advance of the Ontario Nature AGM; however,an exception has been allowed for PECFN due to the importance of the issue and the need for additional funding.  PECFN was nominated by Kingston Field Naturalists and Quinte Field Naturalists two groups that have joined in the fight to save Ostrander Point. The nomination citation reads in part:

“Appealing against the Ostrander Point approval is a David versus Goliath task! The difficulty is immense, but the significance is enormous. – If wind turbines cannot be stopped at Ostrander Point in the heart of an IBA, they are unlikely to be stopped on environmental grounds anywhere in Ontario.

“The leadership qualities demonstrated by the PECFN are amazing. In the face of a giant, this dedicated group analyzes the issues and formulates well organized plans to move forward, always communicating well, and recruiting many skilled people to support its cause. PECFN’s campaign has educated many people about the value of caring for our natural environment. They are truly environmental heroes!”

PECFN is grateful for this recognition and pledges to continue the fight after all, David won!


[Donations to PECFN can be made on the CCSAGE website — see the right side of any page.]

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