APPEC fundraising is more than halfway to its $125K target

[Article written by Henri Garand, Chair, APPEC]

The APPEC Legal Fund has received contributions for more than half the anticipated costs of the health appeal to the Environmental Review Tribunal. It now stands at slightly over $62,500.

Funding has come from 202 donors as well as the proceeds from CCSAGE’s May 11th Yard Sale. Donations, ranging from $20 to $5,000, indicate that supporters are giving what they can afford to help ensure the appeal’s success.

That likely success rises with each new witness at the ERT who testifies to the harms caused by wind power development.  Besides suffering a variety of debilitating health effects, witnesses have had their lives disrupted and futures changed by installation of wind turbines near their homes. These are just a sampling of the rural Ontarians who have reported health problems and/or who have moved to escape.

The strength of the testimony heard by the ERT rests on both the individual stories and their similarities despite people’s different ages, backgrounds, and pre-existing medical conditions.  What all the witnesses have in common is residence near wind turbines and the onset of symptoms upon operational start up.  Their experience would apply not just to Ostrander Point but to the proposed White Pines project.

Although funding for the ERT appeal has met current costs, it’s going to take at least 200 more donors to reach the goal of $125,000.  There are only 44 more days before the ERT’s deadline for a ruling.

If you haven’t already contributed, the time to help is now.  Costs increase with each day of the hearing.

Donations may be made through PayPal at  But to avoid PayPal transactions fees, send cheques to APPEC Legal Fund, P.O. Box 173, Milford, Ontario K0K 2P0.

Please help to protect the County from the tragedy taking place elsewhere.

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