Friday is the final day of the Ostrander Point ERT Appeal — please attend

The Environmental Review Tribunal hearings will conclude on Friday, June 7 in Demorestville. This is your last chance to attend and show your support of the Appeal, because the closing arguments will be submitted in written form only.

On Friday:

  • APPEC lawyer Eric Gillespie will present reply evidence to counter Gilead’s and the MOE’s arguments on the human health issue.
  • Dr. Robert McMurtry, APPEC’s star witness, will testify further in support of APPEC’s case.

Please attend the hearing to support Dr. McMurtry and show the ERT panel that County residents remain opposed to the Ostrander Point project. The hearing starts at 9:30 a.m.

CCSAGE would like to express its appreciation to Paula Peel and Henri Garand, who shared note-taking and report drafting duties over the 40+ days of the ERT Appeal, and further to Henri for editing the drafts to final, concise reports. These reports have been published on our websites and distributed by email.

All told, Paula and Henri have devoted more than 400 hours to ensure that County residents and others interested in the Appeal would be kept well informed of the proceedings, and in a timely manner. Again, our thanks.

We look forward to the decision of the ERT panel, which will be released no later than July 10, 2013.

See you tomorrow in Demorestville!

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  1. Suzanne Lucas

    I would very much like to thank Henri and Paula. As a working person, I have been unable to attend any of the sessions, but I have always been most eager to read their excellent posts reporting on the days events. It has been fascinating reading. Your dedication is very much appreciated – I really can’t thank you enough.

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