The Ostrander Point ERT appeal: WE WON

The Environmental Review Tribunal has allowed the appeal of the Ostrander Point Project by PECFN on grounds of serious and irreversible harm to the natural environment, and has revoked the approval of this project by the Director, Ministry of the Environment.  FANTASTIC!

Excerpts from the decision:

“[630] The Tribunal finds that mortality due to roads, brought by increased vehicle traffic, poachers and predators, directly in the habitat of Blanding‟s turtle, a species that is globally endangered and threatened in Ontario, is serious and irreversible harm to Blanding‟s turtle at Ostrander Point Crown Land Block that will not be effectively mitigated by the conditions in the REA.

“[645] The appeal of PECFN is allowed under s. 145.2.1(5) of the EPA.”

Prince Edward County Field Naturalists (PECFN) deserves a huge amount of credit for pursuing this appeal against almost insurmountable odds.  It has been truly a David vs Goliath situation.  In particular, we owe Myrna Wood and Cheryl Anderson of PECFN our undying gratitude for their dedication and hard work.

This win has been very expensive for PECFN, which is a small citizens’ group of less than 50 members.  The good news is that they have raised $59,307 to fund their appeal.  The bad news is that their legal bill to date is double this amount.  They are still short $60,000.

PLEASE recognize PECFN’s hard work and success (and desperate financial situation) by making a donation to their legal fund.  Click on the Donate to PECFN button on this page, or send a cheque made out to Ostrander Point Appeal Fund to PECFN, 59 King Street, Unit 2, Picton, ON  K0K 2T0.

You can read the full decision here .

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  1. Reblogged this on WIND CONCERNS ONTARIO: On WordPress and commented:
    Good news for the whole province – from which hopefully donations will be made via the ccsage site!

  2. Liz Howes and Stewart Colvin

    Wonderful news! Congratulations!

  3. Mark Woodward

    What great news. The PECFN must be elated!!! So proud of them

  4. windy3 nimby

    Fantastic! Turtle Power!

  5. Thrilling.

  6. Finally, a small triumph for reason.

    And where does that decision fit with the licence to ‘harm or kill’, etc.? One would hope the architects of that horrendous decision are kept well away from anything remotely connected to the environment.

    Where is the whole decision posted?. Not everyone has an endangered species to protect them from the fiscal insanity of windpower, and there may be more to be learned from the ERT decision that can be applied elsewhere.

  7. This event has brought tears of joy to my eyes. Just imagine, perhaps, some day, we may be as important to them as turtles. But only if we force the issue!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS….and a HUGE thank you to all who have played a part in bringing this battle to a successful close. It definitely sets a precedent, and hopefully, the next success will be the fight to protect human health!!!

  9. Debbie Barrett

    Congratulations! Well deserved and well orchestrated. May this be the tipping point for all applications in progress. Amherst Island salutes you as pathfinders and leaders and kindred spirits. May our Blanding’s turtles be as special as yours! Be proud – you led the way

  10. Congratulations!!! Could you spare some turtles?

  11. You folks have never given up your struggle and should all be commended for having amazing fortitude!!!
    You have fought hard and long against a very corrupt Government and a disgusting Wind Industry that up until now has had all the “political grease” in this destructive Fraud called the Green Energy Act.
    To shout loud and clear “IN YOUR FACE WINDIES” would be quite politically correct methinks!

  12. So thrilled to hear that the tribunal finally made a proper decision, we fought long and hard against all three proponents in Haldimand – Capital, Next “Terror” & Samsung and each time the decision came out is was in the favour of the wind companies . Eric must be very happy with the outcome. Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard on this. Now we must get some results for all those victims of wind that have had to abandon their homes.

  13. Stewart McFarland

    Great job by all who managed and participated in this appeal. Your time and efforts are appreciated.


  15. I’m happy, but I’m also cynical. I think the Government took the easy way out, not confronting the health issue. They know that international attention would rain down on them if they approved this project. David Suzuki cares about birds, but not human health!

    I fully imagine new applications to slow down. But we are still building like crazy out in Haldimand. This winter more than fifty turbines went in Fisherville. Spring now, fifity more are going in Norfolk. Fall, fifty more in Haldimand again. Port Dover to Dunnville along Lake Erie.

    I have (very briefly) helped you (including attend the summation tribuanal). Now, please help us. Please get Ontario united to block the build out of the next turbine field. Right now the groups are fragmented. They need to stand together and stop this insanity.

    OK, rant off. Enjoy some relaxation today, but please stay with the fight.

  16. YOU have done it – saved the COUNTY – BOB

  17. Fantastic news. This makes me so happy.

  18. A special thank you is in order for all those who fought the good fight! So THANK YOU! Let’s hope the message of protecting our environment (including human habitation) is a lasting one. Hopefully our community and others will benefit from this ruling for years to come.

  19. This is fantastic news! Congratulations to all those who worked so hard on this effort. If there is anyone who still doubts that wind tubines in the County are a bad idea, just take a drive along the shores of lake Huron. It is a nightmarish sight to behold.

    I am so proud of our community. Let us continue to come together for the well being of everyone for whom the County is home.

  20. Hedy Campbell

    WOW! This means there is hope for the future. Thank you PECFN, and all who helped. You are heroes for sure!
    (Now we need people with big dreams to fight for our hospital)

  21. Mike Williams

    Wonderfull news, I didn’t think you could do it , but secretly inside I kept up the dream and never stopped hoping for a miracle. I will continue to support in he only way I and most others can , by sending emails to our provincial government officials , and by making financial contributions. Congratulations on a great victory for nature and for the County , celebrate today, but prepare for future battles that are sure to come
    Mike Williams

  22. THANK YOU Field Naturalists and all those who fought for the health of our environment!!!!
    Well done!!!!!!

  23. Pamela Fraser

    Slow & Steady wins the race.
    I will help where I can.
    Pamela Fraser
    Relax Right
    Mobile Chair Massage.

  24. Wonderful news. Congratulations on a very effective and professional fight. Sending more funds today. Now if only you could start on Toronto’s ill-conceived expansion of Billy Bishop!!!

  25. Don Wakefield

    This decision is a well reasoned result that is based on the damage to the Blanding Turtles Habitat as a result of roads being built on Crown Land which will enable public access to poachers, among others. It does not prevent other Industrial Wind Farms that get an REA from proceeding.
    Unfortunately, the appeal on the basis of serious harm to human health was dismissed for lack of evidence of a causal link to industrial wind turbines. Hopefully, the Health Canada and Statistics Canada epidemiological study will provide that causal link.

  26. Anyway I can e-mail you some money and not use pay-pal??

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