PEC Council votes to donate $20,000 to PEC Field Naturalists

[Update:  Council ratified the $20K donation to PECFN, but not unanimously.  Councillors Forrester, Gale, MacDonald, Nowitski and Turpin opposed the motion.


Council did the right thing today (August 15) by voting to donate $20,000 to PEC Field Naturalists.  This grant will help to cover legal expenses incurred in the group’s successful ERT appeal of the Ostrander Point  wind project approval.

The vote (motion by Councillor Bev Campbell, seconded by Robert Quaiff), was near unanimous in favour.  It needs to be confirmed at the Council meeting on August 27.

Both MOE and Gilead / OPSEU have now counter-appealed, so PECFN will be burdened with even more legal costs to defend its win.

There were several reasons voiced by Councillors for supporting this grant:

  • Council had earlier passed a motion objecting to wind turbines in the South Shore Important Bird Area.
  • Some Councillors were annoyed that MOE has appealed the decision of another provincial government body.
  • Others were outraged that Gilead has asked to be awarded costs from PECFN if its counter-appeal is successful.
  • Although unstated, there was a sense that Council admires and appreciates the dedication of this small group of naturalists.

Including the County’s contribution, PECFN has raised a total of $105K towards its original target of $125K.  But due to the counter-appeal, PECFN will have to raise even more.

You can help PECFN reach its fundraising objective by making a donation yourself (or a second one!).  Send a cheque made out to Ostrander Point Appeal Fund to OPAF, 59 King St., Unit 2, Picton, K0K 2T0, or donate online at .

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  1. That is the least they can do. It is helping the entire county, when the PECFN take on this challenge.

  2. Finally a good decision from Council!

  3. I’d be interested to know which council members were not in favour of this (but I think I already know).

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