Different provinces but same wind war

[Here’s a letter to the Editor written by Milford resident Jim McPherson and published in the National Post online edition in a shortened version, August 20, 2013.]

Citizens in Pugwash, N.S. are valiantly fighting the same battle that is turning rural Ontario communities into war zones.  Our common enemies are provincial governments, blinded by unrealistic green energy promises of the wind industry.  It is past time to take this fight to the courts, where the Supreme Court of Canada can eventually be called upon to restore democracy and protect rural Canadians from violations of our common law rights to quiet enjoyment of our properties.  Our Charter-assured Rights and Freedoms are being legislated away by provinces, while municipal and federal governments are powerless to intervene.

A story dated August 17th, in The Advocate from Tatamagouche N.S., described a citizen protest about “the quality of community consultation provided as part of the Pugwash Wind Farm Environmental Assessment.”  Cancelled five years ago, the Pugwash Wind Farm was recently resurrected by a provincial invitation for more wind energy proposals.  There, both the developer and the province seem to be ignoring citizen protests voiced previously.

Here in Prince Edward County, Ontario, our own provincial government is not only ignoring local citizen opposition, but it is also appealing a ruling by its own Environmental Review Tribunal that recently ordered a Renewable Energy Approval for the Ostrander Point project to be revoked.

Hundreds of citizens and several notable Canadians have written to Premiers and Ministers in both provinces.  In Nova Scotia Anne Murray wrote last year to her Premier protesting the Pugwash Wind Farm that will harm the tourism-based economy.  In Ontario Margaret Atwood wrote last month to Kathleen Wynne protesting damage to wildlife by the Ostrander Point project.  Nevertheless, both provincial governments continue to site wind energy projects too close to people, and too close to important wildlife areas.

It is clear that large international wind energy corporations have too much influence over Canada’s provincial governments.  It is past time for citizens to appeal to the courts.  Eventually, the Supreme Court of Canada will surely bring this war to end and protect our wildlife, our health, our property values, our local economies, our affordable electricity, our rights and freedoms, and indeed our democracy, from the damages that wind-worshipping provincial governments are wreaking on the rural neighbourhoods of our nation.

Jim McPherson, Milford, Ontario

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  1. Surely we in Prince Edward County can join forces with similar groups of rural citizens to take this fight collectively to higher courts. Could leadership come from CCSAGE?

    Fred Chandler

  2. Reblogged this on Mothers Against Wind Turbines and commented:
    Every place the turbines go….corruption follows!

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