CAW wind turbine — Watch a video of victim impact statements

[In addition to, or instead of, watching the video referenced below, you can read  a newspaper story on the victim’s statements at .]

In March, 2013 the Canadian Auto Workers Union began operating a single wind turbine on its property at Port Elgin in the town of Saugeen Shores, ignoring the concerns of families living in homes nearby.

The CAW  wind turbine is much smaller than those installed elsewhere in Ontario (capacity of 500 KW vs 2 MW), but is not subject to a minimum setback distance due to its being operated at a noise level slightly below the threshhold specified by the GEA.  As a result, more than 100 homes are situated inside the normal 550 m minimum setback distance.

Five families living between 350 m and 2 km of the turbine made deputations to Saugeen Shores Council on August 26, 2013.  Their reports of medical symptoms and loss of enjoyment were so credible and compelling that Council voted to request that the CAW shut down the turbine.

Following is a video of the families’ deputations.  The video is 90 minutes long, with the first 40 minutes devoted to the CAW turbine issue.  But you can watch for as little as 14 minutes and still get a good sense of the impact of this turbine on these families.  These deputations leave no doubt that wind turbines cause health problems.  See .

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  1. This story is shocking to me. These people are speaking of real problems and real issues but the turbine has just barely started up. It will get worse. To listen to the council who are all on side but totally frustrated by the inability to do anything because the fight is with the government of Ontario and the MOE. When our own government and its departments care more about the Green Energy Act and all that it encompasses, but not about the people of the province we all lose.
    Kathleen Wynne: get human! No matter what gender we or you are, we are all people, and we are the provinces most important natural resource and MUST be preserved at all costs.

  2. Inge and Caspar Radden

    This shocking news is proof of the impact on health and was urgently needed for the
    ERT Hearing in same matter on Prince Edward County, Ontario re: Ostrander Point!
    It shows also how wrong the ERT hearing result turned out, but this is new evidence which
    can be used for the appeal and all proof together will finally bring the truth and relief for the suffering !

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  4. Cathy & Ed Seidle

    C & E Seidle
    We are so disappointed with the attitude of the CAW – instead of being a champion for the people they appear to ignore the obvious health concerns created by their wind turbine. It seems that more and more evidence is being shown that turbines are not the answer for Ontario’s energy needs – nuclear and hydro electric power are much more reliable without the health and environment costs let alone the high price. What a fiasco! Come on CAW – do the right thing and get on the people’s side of this issue.

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